International Championship Auto Racing Association 
Welcome to ICARA - the International Championship Auto Racing Association!  Founded in 300, ICARA is the fast-growing exciting open-wheel racing series, racing Formula-type cars on a variety of different tracks all around Vexillium!
ICARA will feature as many as 28 exciting races in the 301 season, including ovals, road courses, street circuits, and even one airport - our journey of speed will take us to all continents of Vexillium, a total of 26 different countries!  Teams from 19 nations have committed to participate (including several very high-profile manufacturers!), footing drivers from 24 different countries!
The key to ICARA's success will be competition - we hope to hold many very close races, with as many different winners as possible - nothing is worse than a racing series which is dominated by two or three teams; people want to see action, and that is what they will receive in the ICARA races!
We wish to thank all our sponsors, participating teams, and race organizers for making this exciting new series possible.  We shall not disappoint you, nor the fans!  ICARA 301 promises to be one wild ride!
Alex Wei-Chun Zurada, President ICARA