The Majors:

The Vexillium Masters:

Hosted each year by the prestigious and posh Aurelius National Golf Club
in Aurelius, Westria, this event is by invitation only!  The Tournament
Committee of the ANGC will release a list of invitees each year, usually
a week before the Masters begins.  There are ways to play yourself into
the tournament:  the top-40 money winners two weeks before the Masters
will automatically receive an invitation.  Also, each player to have won
an official event on the IGT within the last 2 years will be invited. 

All members of the current Golden Chalice Teams, both, Realm and
International, will also be playing for sure.  Past champions of this
event are exempt for life.  Lastly, the top-10 finishers in each of the
other majors will also be exempt.  The rest of the field is purely up to
the discretion of the ANGC Tournament Committee. 

This tournament is by many considered the most prestigious.  The
Champion will earn the most coveted prize in golf, the Teal Jacket, worn
only by the Club's upper echelon of members as well as the Masters
Champions.  The 300 Inaugural Champion was Rod SINCLAIR of Whitlam. 
In 301, the Teal Jacket went to Altland's Pit NORLING.

The Royal Christiana Open:

This major returns to the roots of the game, on the island of
Christiana, and thus to some of the game's oldest and most beautiful
links courses.  A rotation of only a handful courses hosts this
tournament alternatingly, each year awarded by the Olde & Firste Golf
Club of Christiana, the game's oldest umbrella organization, and joint
ruling authority with the Westrian Realm Golf Association (WRGA). 

The reigning Monarch of Christiana is traditionally the patron of the
Championship, and presents the winner with the beautiful Silver Goblet
Trophy.  Wind is always a factor on the links, and the rugged looks of
these courses is seldomly found elsewhere on Vexillium.  A great test of
skill, and the tournament with a Royal touch! 

As an Open tournament, everyone gets a chance to qualify, even amateur golfers.  A great chance to burst onto the international golf scene.  The 300 Champion was local hero Quincy HOLLAND!  In 301, Whitlam's Jeff ORFORD won the Silver Goblet.

The Open of the Realm:

With the Burovian Realm being the dominant entity in professional golf,
with the largest and most enthusiastic golfing public, the most courses,
and the major entity in the Vexillium-wide spread of the game, ever
rising in popularity, the Open of the Realm is naturally and rightfully
among the four major championships in golf.  Played in various locations
within the Realm, this tournament is considered the most
important of all, at the very least by many GBR players. 

A stringent qualification process ensures that only the best make it into
the strong field.  The very infuential Realm Golf Association
(RGA) - the sport's official ruling body, jointly with the Olde &
Firste Golf Club of Christiana - hosts this tournament each year, and
awards it to deserving venues, showcasing only the best and most
challenging courses within the Realm. Some amateurs may manage to
qualify for this event as well, as it is also an Open. 

The Champion receives a large trophy made of an artful craftmanship of various precious metals, such as gold, silver, platinum, smithore, and bronze.  The 300 Champion was James NITHZ of Oost-Otago.  In 301, the surprise champion was Utanian Amea ARETASUNA!

The Hillel Düsenkill Grand Championship:

The IGT Grand Championship, or short, the Grand Championship, is a
celebration of professional golf in its essence.  This event is only
open to professionals.  Several usually non-playing pros from the IGT
Instructional Division will usually compete in this event, which is held
at a different venue each year, but may also remain at the same venue
for some time.   The inaugural IGT Championship was played in Whitlam, 
another global golf stronghold,  the 300 tourney was played in Davenport. 

This is the only major which is hosted bythe IGT and also always the last 
major of the year, and thus a greatopportunity for players to boost their 
Golden Chalice team chances witha win or high finish, or to score that major 
victory that has eluded them in the other three opportunities.  The Champion 
receives a large eagle medallion made from pure 18-carat gold.   The inaugural winner in 299 was Pancho McFEELEY of San Patricio; in 300 the title belonged to  Westrian Matthias ROTHIES, Jr., and in 301 Albionite David HAVRILLAK was crowned the champion!

Starting in 301, luxury goods manufacturer Hillel Düsenkill and the IGT agreed on a title sponsorship deal which will henceforth make golf's fourth major championship known as the Hillel Düsenkill Grand Championship!