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Computers in Elementary Education?

A few years ago, this was a legitimate question.  Today, however, the only possible answer is a resounding "YES".  Even though there will always be some critics and skeptics, the decision to use computers in the classroom is clearly correct.  The use of new information- and communication technologies has been embedded in the syllabus, and media education has become a true cornerstone of the curriculum..

Summation: Especially in Elementary Education, is it necessary to find and showcase new methods that quell the urgent questions and demands of our information-driven society.  In this quest, one should not be deterred by  methodical or instructional precariousness, financial deliberations, nor the ever-present "doubters".

I offer specific seminars that will demonstrate various action plans to address the curiosity and future needs of children, while meeting all modern standards of teaching and learning.

In these seminars, you will discover, ...
  which hardware and software supplies are needed for an efficient learning environment for yourself and your pupils
  which types of instruction are most compatible with computer use

  what you should be aware of before your students begin using the computer

  how the children best practice using the mouse and keyboard

  how you can use PC writing/MS Word in a matter meaningful to your pupils

  how your students can learn to work with individual self-direction and -supervision

  where to find teaching software ratings, reviews, and recommendations, and what to consider when choosing software

  which software programs and online exercises are most suitable for your pupils

  what educational games are available, and what they have to offer 

  how you and your students can utilize computers as interactive multi-media centers

  how to structure your teaching with computers

  how to work in a team

  how to create an operations forum and communcations platform on the World Wide Web

These seminars cater to Elementary teachers whose classrooms are equipped with at least one computer, and who would like to discover how to best utilize that resource together with their students.

Initially, the most important thing is not previous experience with computer use, but the desire to learn how you can use computers and the internet  to create a joyful learning environment during instruction.  Your students will thus be introduced to a new "tool" that will support their learning processes, enhances their independence, provide motivation in new and exciting ways, and also facilitates direct individual self-direction and -supervision.

These seminars will provide you with a practical approach to the inclusion of new learning environments, the management of these learning environments, which preparations are needed, and when and how teamwork should be used to gain optimal results. 

    A little about myself:
 Ingeborg Suchy-Oehme
 Media Education Specialist

Master of Advanced Studies (MAS), Media Education, Danube University Krems, Austria

University Course "The Internet in Educational and Cultural Matters", Danube University Krems, Austria
Elementary Education Degree with supplemental training in English and Pre-School Academics, Educational Academy Graz, Klagenfurt, Austria

Instructor: Experimental School "Integrated Collective School" and "Educational Reform Approaches in Integrated Classrooms"
Instructor: Instituto Austriaco/Austrian Government School in Guatemala, C.A./IAG
Instructor: Adult Education Courses (including Vision & Creativity, Professional Teaching, New Media in Teaching)
Contributor: Educational Domain, including for ICE/Wiener Bildungsserver (Vienna), Institute for the Advancement of Trade/WIFI, Federation of Austrian Industries/IVOE, Danube University Krems, University of Monterey Bay (Califormia, USA)

"Gendering Technology". A qualitative-empiric dissertation on the gender-specific use of information- and communications technology

"eLearning in Notebook Classrooms".  A guide to the notebook-project conducted by the BM:BWK (Ministry of Education, Science and the Arts)

Painting, astrology, interior design, travel, my 3 (adult) children, computers and internet, gender-mainstreaming, reading, being in nature.

Telephone/Fax: +43 1 405 1150
Mobile: +43 699 11 089 237


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