The Making of the Fiarrian Master Topo Map:
A tremendous amount of work goes into making a simple looking Continental Master Topo Map.  WAMF has already completed such a map for the continent of Nuarmia, at the joint commission of Armatirion and Westria.  That map was published many months ago, and has become the definitive authority for topographical information for that land mass.  With the recent emergence of several nations, and the resulting virtual 'revival' of Fiarria, WAMF was commissioned by Ordland and the IWK to do the same for Fiarria.  The following page takes you through the process taken by the WAMF to arrive at the final, complete, accurate map:

I.) First, all existing mapping information is compiled:
1.) A rough continental map for Fiarria (from the Central Geographic Authority, Christiana):
2.) An existing conceptual topo map of the Ferratus Directorate (from Ferratu sources):
3.) An existing detailed topo map of Lamb's Cove (from Covian sources):
4.) An existing conceptual topo map of Libra (from Libran sources):
5.) An existing skewed and very conceptual topo map of Billa (from Billan sources):
6.) An existing conceptual map of Ordland (from Ordlandic Authorities):
7.) Existing WAMF maps of IWK and Ras Lanarch:

II.) Second, a scaled composite map is made:
As you can see above, all these original maps are of different scales, and use different formats.  WAMF then tries to best combine all the existing information, and match up their scales to the desired size.  Thus, a very rough working composite is obtained, on top of which then the necessary refinements can be made:
As you can see, topographic information was not available for all regions of Fiarria.  While WAMF began their work on the map, various scientific means were mobilized to fill in the gaps with additional surveys, satellite imaging, and aerial photography.  WAMF requested the Geographic Authority of the Sempervirens Republic to survey their entire nation for the purpose of compiling this map.

III.) Third, refinements and detail work begins as new surveys arrive:
Work progresses well in the areas where all information is existing.  While Lamb's Cove and Ferrata are quickly developed from their respective maps, slowly, aerial surveyors are transmitting additional information on UNV Zone 3.  Still waiting for the information from the Sempervirens Republic.  Unfortunately, a setback:  Aerial surveyors could not obtain permission to fly over Morania, and therefore, for the time being, that area will need to remain blank on our new map.

IV.) Continued refinements, as all information comes in:
The Sempervi information is finally received, and can now be incorporated in the overall map.  The brand new Sempervi survey map, which will be further refined by WAMF surveys:
Now all the relevant information can be fused together, with the exception of Morania.  More minute detail is added, oceanic surveys are also mapped out at this time:

V.) The final clean-up and adjustments:
The last rough edges are removed, and the map is cropped, and nicely finished with a legend:

VI.) Revisions:
The last step in any map's creation is international scrutiny, and revisions to eliminate any errors or omissions.  For this particular map, that will also include the addition of the Moranian survey information!

  * * *
All maps made by WAMF are property of WAMF, and may not be displayed, distributed, or reproduced without express written consent of WAMF.  Copyright (C) 299 WAMF.  All Rights Reserved.