The Moún Republic of the 
Enter, visitor, in the Name of Moún!
The Moún Republic of the Island of Djeriga  is an imaginary country belonging to Maximilian T. H. Suchy, and is part of the ImagiNations cyber planet by Edward Mooney, Jr.

History of Djeriga:

The Procamation of the Moún Allinace from November 20, 298:

The Moún Alliance has succeeded!  The Island of Djeriga is liberated from the non-believers that called themselves a government.  Djeriga's era of isolationism is over!  This is the Official Proclamation of the Moún Republic of the Island of Djeriga!

The Moún Alliance is the defender of the Moun Faith, and the Word of  Moun!  We will bring greatness to Moun, and to Djeriga, in the name of  Moun!  Djeriga shall rise in all its glory, and spread the word of Moun!

Be aware, Vexillium!  And listen to the Word of Moun!

The Supreme Alliant, by the Grace of Moun,
Akhbaar Fahz

Moun's Will Be Done!
* * *
>>> All previous history of Djeriga is IRRELEVANT!  Djeriga was run by non-believers, and isolated from the Vexillium.  This is the rebirth of the Djerigan Nation under Moún!  Djeriga looks ahead to a future of inmeasurable greatness under the Guidance and Leadership of Moún!

Military of Djeriga:
Moun's gift to Vexillium, our beolved leader, the premier disciple of Moun, the founder of the Moun Republic of Djeriga, the Supreme Alliant and Commander-in-chief of the glorious Djerigan armed forces, His Exalted Excellency, Akhbaar Fahz:
The Djerigan Air Force Roundel:
The Djerigan national Airline, Djeriganair:
Djeriganair operates the gollowing routes:
Nasserhabib-Medhinou-Morania City
Nasserhabib-Subrata (with contolled refueling stop in Aurelius/Federality)

Maps of Djeriga:
Location of The Island:

Map of the Island:

Geographic Information:
Official Name: The Moún Republic of the Island of Djeriga
Colloquial Names: Djeriga, the Moún Republic, MRD
True Name (in Djerigan): Reghaad D'Maan Moúni Insalaam Djerighad
Capital City: Nasserhabib (108,500 population)
Two- and Three Letter Abbrevations: DJ/DJR
Government Type: Fundamentalist Moún Republic, Military Dictator
Total Population: 365,400
Languages: Djerigan (100%)
Religion: State Religion is Moún (100%).  All other religions are lowly non-believers.
National Holidays: Fast Day (every first Friday of the month)
National Colour: Olive Green, the Color of Moún!
Currency: 1 Piaster = 1000 Millimé

International Diplomacy:
The Seals of Moún's Mission to the Vexillium (use of Akhbaar Fahz version is mandatory since April 30, 299!!):
Currently, Djeriga maintains missions in these foreign countries:

The Moún Religion: 
The Word of Moún must be heard around Vexillium!  This is our Mission!  Moún teaches Truth!  Moún teaches Strength!  Moún teaches Faith!
Soon to come:  The Teachings of Moún!   Moun's Will Be Done!

Sports in Djeriga:
Djeriga put in a bid for the 300 VexGames to be held in  
Nasserhabib, but we were SWINDLED out of the Games 
by the non-believers who organize Liston 300!! 
Moún teaches to train one's body as well as one's spirit.  Djeriga plays Football, Water Polo, and Rugby, with Moún's Grace!  Our team will win, with Moún's Guidance!   Beware, non-believer opponents!
The people of Djeriga wish to participate in the games of Football on the Vexillium, and to compete and beat the non-believers, who think they can win without Moún on their sides!
Moún will guide and protect our team.  Moún will give us strength.  Moún will make our opponents stumble over their own feet, and fail miserably.  We shall win the Cup, for Moún!!
Football Federation Logo:
"Soccer Djeriga"
The Djerigan Football Uniform:
And here is our Roster!
1 G Farook MUTHANNAK Moun El-Nasser
2 D Mubarak SOLHAJJI Moun El-Amok
3 D Hassain KHOMEINI Moun El-Habib
4 D Saïd AL-FHULI Moun El-Mifsed
5 M Khalif DHARDYIWA Moun El-Amok
6 M Mustafa ZAIRUL Moun El-Zairul
7 S Omar SHIRAZHOUD Moun El-Amok
8 M Mohammad OLINHEB Moun El-Nasser
9 S Kareem ESFANHABIB Moun El-Habib
10 S Abdul AHLADDIN Moun Djerighad
11 S Bashir AHMAAD Moun El-Nasser
12 S Nassir NAFUDD Moun Najjahouddin
13 D Habeeb BALHAJJRAN Moun El-Sim
14 D Duqaq KAVEER Moun El-Naak
15 D Kadir AL-SHAANI Moun Najjahouddin
16 M Zharif MOUSSIDI Moun El-Emar
17 M Nadir AZIZABAD Moun Djerighad
18 M Mahmood ARARARAT Moun El-Naak
19 S Iassir ISSHALAM Moun El-Zairul
20 D Salman KIKBATH Moun Djerighad
21 M Kamahl HADJANNA Moun El-Zairul
22 G Ahmed FAALMHUK Moun El-Habib

Flags of Djeriga:
National Flag
The Holy Flag of Moún
War Flag of Djeriga
The Flag of the Holy Khalaar, raised
during the ten-day festival of fasting
and reflection

More to come...soon.