Official Game Statements:

Games 4 and 5 (DAS-ELM and BOW-STK) 09-11-298 (Cup of Nations)

Game 4 - Dascunya-Elmira:

NOVEFA, in conjunction with WEHFFA, announces the results for the
opening match held at the inaugural Western Hemisphere Cup of Nations,
co-sanctioned by the WEHFFA and NOVEFA, played Friday September 11, 298,
in Danheim:  The final result is Dascunya 3 - Elmira 0

The Technical Information:

Final score: DASCUNYA 3 - ELMIRA 0
Played in: Danheim, Dascunya (Republican Stadium), attendance: 62,950
Referee: Piotr Klenk (Coceira)
Goals: Diva (DAS, 21.), Diva (DAS, 37.), Grant (DAS, 66.)
Yellow cards: Volsky (ELM, 30.), Petrov (ELM, 55.), Trifade (DAS, 70.)
Substitutions: Sancristobal for Favinho (DAS, 35.), Creus for Diva
(55.), Malev for Petrov (ELM, 60.)

Match commentary:

The heavily favored Dascunyan team left nothing to be desired and take a
n important convincing vistory early on against a heavily defensive
Elmiran team.  The tournament favorites send a clear message to all
other contenders for the cup with this match, which was almost entirely
in control of the Dascunya squad all throughout.  Elmira's defense
proved powerful, but was a little at a loss as they were faced with one
of the strongest teams of Vexillium.

Hero of the game for the home crowds is Diva who scored twice in the
first half, once by head after a pass from Indiazan, the second time
directly from a free kick just outside the penalty box, over the wall of
Elmiran defenders, and actually slightly deflected, leaving the Elmira
goalie without chance.  A beautiful goal!

Elmira had a few good moments with quick counter-attacks, but ultimately
ran up against a wall of technically superior Dascunyan defenders, who
rarely allowed them to even reach the penalty box.

After the break, Diva was fouled by Petrov in the 55. minute, who
received the yellow card for this.  As a precaution, Dascunyan coach
Elmonte decided to take his star striker out of the game and let him
rest for the next round.  Creus, who came for Diva, was then
instrumental in setting up the third and final goal, as he kicked a high
corner to Grant, whose towering jump outduelled two Elmiran defenders,
and scored the third goal in the 66. minute.

All in all it was an exciting game, and the sort of dominant performance
the home crowds wanted, and almost demanded, to see.  It easily could
have been an even higher result, but Elmira's dense defense prevented a
total shoot-out. Dascunya will face Bowdani next, perhaps their
strongest opponent in this group, while  Elmira will duel with St.

Game 5 - Bowdani-St. Kilda

NOVEFA, in conjunction with WEHFFA, announces the results for the
day's second match held at the inaugural Western Hemisphere Cup of
Nations, co-sanctioned by the WEHFFA and NOVEFA, played Friday September
11, 298, in Rossinia:  The final result is Bowdani 0, St. Kilda 0

The Technical Information:

Final score: BOWDANI 0 - ST. KILDA 0
Played in: Rossinia, Dascunya (Solianah Stadium), attendance: 44,600
Referee: Johnny Whistler (Christiana)
Goals: NONE
Yellow cards: Glenn (STK, 47.)
Substitutions: Andrews for Bowman (BOW, 45.), Glenn for McVeer (STK,

Match commentary:

This rather uneventful game saw a very cautious testing of waters for
both teams - Bowdani's last international game ended in a discouraging
0-3 loss to Phenixia at the delayed Vexillium Cup, and the team,
although on paper slightly stronger, battled their nerves and confidence
a bit versus a fairly well organized St. Kilda squad.

Both teams put great efforts into keeping posession of the ball, and
numerous back-passes at times annoyed the crowds.  In the second half,
both teams finally freed up, and both enjoyed some chances.  In the
final 20 minutes, it was all Bowdani, as they had finally regained their
confidence.  It took St. Kilda a great deal of luck to prevent a loss.
Three times, Bowdani only hit either the side pole or crossbar, twice
the St. Kilda goalie saved with a quick reflex.  Bowdani had 12 corners
in the last 20 minutes, as well as 3 free kicks from just outside the
penalty zone!  However, the last bit of luck was missing to finally get
the ball across the line, and so the teams separated in a scoreless
draw, with the Bowdani players somewhat disappointed.  However their
strong play in the last quarter suggests they are ready for the big
encounter with Dascunya, which is next.