Official Game Statements:

Games 8 and 9 (CHR-DAV and ANC-COC) 09-13-298 (Cup of Nations)

Game 8 - Christiana-Davenport:

NOVEFA, in conjunction with WEHFFA, announces the results for todays
Group C match held at the inaugural Western Hemisphere Cup of
Nations, co-sanctioned by the WEHFFA and NOVEFA, played Sunday,
September 13, 298, in Jezen:
The final result is Christiana 3 - Davenport 3

The Technical Information:

Played in: Jezen, Dascunya (Stadium of Dascunya), attendance: 52,300
Referee: Vasco Contara (Estontetso)
Goals: Harbour (DAV, 10.), Worthington (DAV, 31.), Harrison (CHR,
Penalty, 40.), Gaspe (DAV, 50.), Marin (CHR, 53.), Harrison (CHR,
Penalty, 86.)
Yellow cards: Bolton (CHR, 31.), Burton (CHR, 56.)
Red cards: Springer (DAV, 39.)
Substitutions: Martin for Crowley (DAV 45.), James for Nolan (CHR, 45.),
Shorter for Harbour (DAV, 54.)

Match commentary:

Christiana steals a point after referee-controversy!

The match was a little somber after the news of the Earthquake in Elmira
arrived, but quickly both players and cowd got into it.  Davenport
started out clearly stronger, and Harbour, who played a key role in the
first half, brought them ahead 1-0 early in the game.  Good
fore-checking by the Davenport defense kept Christiana's offenses at
bay, and Worthington converted a good pass from Gaspe, who took over
very well from the still injured midfield-orchestrator Tzeng, to bring
Davenport up two.

The Davenport team then visibly changed their strategy, and attempted to
protect their lead, falling back on the field.  However, in a moment of
indecision, Chistiana striker Harrison broke through with a strong
dribble and was headed straight for the goal, leaving only  Davenportian
midfielder Springer to challenge.  Springer finally caught up with
Harrison in the penalty box, and slid underneath the attacker, who made
a salto-like jump forward.  Estontetsan referee Contara insisted on a
penalty kick, although the Davenport players argued that only the ball
was played.  Springer started yelling at the referee, and Contara
reached for the red card!  The dejected Springer had to watch from the
sidelines as Harrison himself converted the penalty to close up
Christiana 1-2.  No more action until the break.

After halftime, Davenport still aimed to protect their lead.
Nevertheless, Gaspe scored a very nice goal in the 50. minute, when an
indirect free kick was made from Cannon, stopped by Worthington, with
Gaspe taking the running shot directly past Jorgensen, the Christiana
keeper.  The Davenport players were visibly relieved, and for a while
their play became cocky and unconcentrated.  Thus, out of nowhere, Marin
and Padraig of Christiana surprised the Davenport defense, and Marin
scored the 2-3 by head after a short flank from Padraig.

Immediately, Davenport coach Darena brought in Shorter, another
defender, for striker Harbour in the 54. minute.  From then on,
Davenport was mainly in their own half, agressively defending, but not
starting any of their own offenses anymore.  It was clear they wanted to
protect their lead, and the Dascunyan crowd reacted with the occasional
whistle concert to let the players know their disapproval.  Still,
Davenport seemed poised to take a one-goal victory, until another
controversial penalty was given when Christiana striker Monaigh, as some
say they saw it, apparently faked a foul on the penalty line when he had
already lost control over the ball.  However, referee Contara was quite
convinced, in no small part because the crowds also called for it, and
to the great protests of Davenport, he gave another penalty for
Christiana.  Again, Harrison, converted for the final score of 3-3.

Game 9 - Angalda-Coceira:

NOVEFA, in conjunction with WEHFFA, announces the results for todays
Group D match held at the inaugural Western Hemisphere Cup of
Nations, co-sanctioned by the WEHFFA and NOVEFA, played Sunday,
September 13, 298, in Ytzigard:
The final result is Angalda 0 - Coceira 5

The Technical Information:

Final score: ANGALDA 0 - COCEIRA 5
Played in: Ytzigard, Dascunya (Stadium Robert Trevortheck), attendance:
Referee: Mark Hansen (Maryport)
Goals: V. Rek (3.), Meridion (9.), V. Rek (16.), S. Gore (42.), V. Rek
Yellow cards: L. Gren (Angalda, 31.), J. Rek (COC, 51.)
Substitutions: Yrnka for M. Gren (ANG, 33.), Geff for Stokvic (ANG,
45.), Kutsch for V. Rek (78.), Marat for J. Gore (78.)

Match commentary:

Incredible upset and Angaldan debacle!

Nobody surely could have predicted the final score of this match, as
Angalda was playing at home in front of a highly anticipating crowd!
But it was their first ever major international match, and there was a
lot of pressure to perform in front of the home fans.  Unfortunately,
the team did not respond well to this pressure, and was extremely
nerveous when they entered the field.  Their play was very erratic and
insecure, and this became even worse as Coceira scored already in the 3.
minute, from a nice combination between V. Rek and S. Gore.  From there,
Angalda was devastated and started to fall apart.  Coceira, on the other
hand, came to play with a clear plan, and their intense preparations had
clearly paid off.  They quickly took advantage of the faltering Angaldan
squad, and scored two more goals in the ninth and 16. minutes.

The crowd fell basically silent.  They had not expected this at all, and
they did not quite know how to react.  To make things worse, Coceira was
not one of the more popular teams of the Cup on Dascunyan soil, and now
this...  But the Angaldan team took heart, and somewhat regained their
composure.  Still, all chances were by Coceira, and just when the
Angaldan fans began to gain some new hope, another blow was delivered in
yet another V. Rek-S. Gore collaboration, this time with Gore scoring
just before the break.

During the break, about 20,000 fans left the stadium, disappointed.
After halftime was over, Angalda seemed to come out with a much better
position, and their play from then on was equal and even better that
Coceira's.  The crowds knew the game was lost, but they were happy to
see their team do much better, and eventually became very vocal in their
support.  Some excitement was building up now - would their team at
least score the goal of honor?  Well, they came quite close.  Several
chances by Perez and Sanchez were stopped, and more shots on goal
narrowly missed.  But the team now seemed freed up from the pressure,
and exhibited the sort of play that might have won them the match, had
they played like this earlier.  However, no goal for Angalda.  On the
contrary, V. Rek put the icing on the cake for Coceira after a pass from
Meridion, for the incredible final score of 0-5!

Still, the crowds were supportive of their team, and broke into various
songs and cheers, as they bid the two squads farewell.  Coceira now is
certain to advance to the next round, and this extremely strong team
from this extremely small nation must be considered a serious contender
for the Cup!  Angalda must now beat Northern Phenixia next saturday to
stay in the competition.