Official Game Statements:

Game 10 (DAS-BOW) 09-14-298 (Cup of Nations)

NOVEFA, in conjunction with WEHFFA, announces the results for todays
Group A match held at the inaugural Western Hemisphere Cup of
Nations, co-sanctioned by the WEHFFA and NOVEFA, played Monday,
September 14, 298, in Danheim:
The final result is Dascunya 2 - Bowdani 2

The Technical Information:

Final score: DASCUNYA 2 - BOWDANI 2
Played in: Danheim, Dascunya (Olympic Stadium), attendance: 79,300
Referee: Jaques Jeanfranc (Davenport)
Goals: Andrews (BOW, 22.), Sancristobal (DAS, 39.), Bowman (BOW, 79.), Diva (91.)
Yellow cards: Leduck (DAS, 55.)
Substitutions: Favinho for De La Cruz (DAS, 45.), Benitez for Grant (DAS, 80.)

Match commentary:

National hero Diva saves the day!

In a suspense-filled thriller of a game, it looked pretty dismal for the
home team Dascunyans which looked sure to be the losers after a strong
game from Bowdani.

Andrews brought the team from Smalik up 1-0 in just the 22. minute.
This did not deter the Dascunyans much, as they seemed very confident
they would win.  Sure enough, Sancristobal provided the equalizer in the
39. minute from a standard free kick situation executed by Diva, and as
the teams headed for the break, nobody doubted that the hosts were going
to score big in the second half to lock up the group A top spot.
However, Bowdani had other ideas.  Much more inventive than in the game
vs. St. Kilda a few days ago, they took the early initiative in the
second half, and for a while clearly had the ball in their posessional
control.  A shot by Andrews rattled the crossbar, and ricochet off and
almost looked as if it was in the goal, but Dascunyan goalie Leaman
quickly brought the leather under control.  In the ensuing counter
attack, Dascunyan striker Decker released a powerful bomb from the
16-meter mark, but just missed high.  Interestingly, Bowdani elected not
to bring in any substitutes, and they did not until the end.

The last quarter was relatively even , with good chances for both
teams.  But it came as a major shock, when a Bowdani striker all of a
sudden had a great run and was in a man-to-man duel with keeper Leaman.
He tried to fake left, and dribbled right, but the outstanding reflex of
Leaman saved the situation, and the keeper boxed the ball well to the
side of the goal, causing a corner ball.  The corner shot then was
deflected, and no Dascunyan defender could clear.  Leduck missed by
head, and all of a sudden, Bowman was there, and bounced the ball into
the goal for the shocking 2-1 lead for Bowdani in the 79. minute!!
Frantic activity ensued on the Dascunyan bench.  Only 11 minutes were
left in the game, and the team was now DOWN against an opponent who was
not expected to cause that much trouble!  To refresh the attack,
Dascunyan coach Elmonte brought in Benitez for the tired Grant.
Dascunya was running out of time, however, as the minutes ticked away
too quickly, ans Bowdani now obviously tried to delay play and let the
clock run out.  However, Davenportian referee Jeanfranc indicated to the
blatant Bowdanians that he would account for the wasted time in extra

Still, in the 90. minute, Bowdani looked like a winner.  In a desperate
attempt, goalie Leaman kicked off the ball far into the Bowdani half, to
try and find some sort of attacker there, and sure enough, Diva was
there to receive the ball, out-turning two Bowdani defenders.  The crowd
rose to their feet - surely this was the last chance to score in this
game!  Diva looked for help, but the other Dascunyan players were all
behind him, so in a split second he decided to go for it, and he took
off for the goal.  One Bowdani defender tried to foul, but fell by the
wayside.  Another was tricked by Diva to the wrong side of the ball.
Then it was just Diva and the goalkeeper for Bowdani, who came running
quickly out of the goal - too far out of the goal, as it turned out!
Diva casually lobbed the ball, just out of reach, over the unfortunate
keeper, and it slowly bounced toward the goal.  The goalie desperately
tried to out-run the ball, but it was too late:  to the huge cheers of
the Dascunyan home crowd, Diva had scored the equalizer in the last

Although Dascunya probably expected to win this game, the crowds were
nevertheless electrified by this exciting nail-biting finish.  Dascunya
must still do well against St. Kilda, but again they are heavy
favorites.  Bowdani's fate is out of their own hands, as they can only
await the outcome of the Dascunya-St.Kilda game:  St. Kilda needs at
least a 3-3 tie to advance.