Official Game Statements:

Games 11 and 12 (ANG-PHX and EST-SOL) 09-15-298 (Cup of Nations)

Game 11 - Angliyaa-Phenixia:

NOVEFA, in conjunction with WEHFFA, announces the results for todays
Group B match held at the inaugural Western Hemisphere Cup of
Nations, co-sanctioned by the WEHFFA and NOVEFA, played Tuesday,
September 15, 298, in Saint-Hugues:
The final result is Angliyaa 0 - Phenixia 3

The Technical Information:

Final score: ANGLIYAA 0 - PHENIXIA 3
Played in: Saint-Hugues, Dascunya (River Cross Stadium), attendance:
Referee: Trevor Speaks (Bowdani)
Goals: Lahziz (PHX, 36.), Abedi (PHX, 48.), Skoblar (PHX, 59.)
Yellow cards: Ravel (ANG, 48.), Hardy (ANG, 66.)
Substitutions: Oliver-James for Hi (33.), Abedi for Fernando (PHX, 45.),
Hradilek for Charles (ANG, 45.), Baptiste for Obelix (PHX, 60.)

Match commentary:

Phenixia secures Group B top spot with seemingly effortless victory!

The Dolphins continued to impress with yet another to-0 win, this time
Angliyaa was the victim.  The Phenixians never looked in danger, and
more or less cruised to the victory with ease.  Angliyaa was by no means
a bad team, but right now, Phenixia is really tough to beat.

The formation changes by Phenixian coach Pelletier seemed to have even
improved the already impressive team from the first game.  Young
goalkeeper Bartezou filled in beautifully for the routinier Carnus, and
celebrates his first international game with a shut-out!  Compared to
the last game, fair play was much more evident, a special goal of the
Phenixian coach, which was achieved.  The only yellow cards came on the
Angliyaan side.  One of these was the result of a foul on Pilouti
shortly after the break, which resulted in a free kick.  Taken by the
just substituted Abedi, who was entered into the game with great
expectations, the mid-distance kick penetrated the defensive wall, and
left Angliyaan keeper Smith no chance - this was the 2-0.  The first
goal had actually been scored by offensive midfield whiz Lahziz in the
36. minute, after a good combination with Pilouti.

Pilouti also played a key role in the third goal, setting up the ball
perfectly for striking specialist Skoblar, who once again electrified
with his immense impact power.  The ball was hit with such velocity,
although Angliyaan keeper Smith reached it with his fingertips, he could
not divert it enough to prevent the 3-0 for the Dolphins!

Angliyaa had a few good chances.  Lazlo missed high in the 38. minute.
Hradilek narrowly missed a corner ball by head just after the break, and
a 3-on-2 attack by Angliyaa was stifled by rookie Phenixian goalie

Phenixia thus wins Group B and will meet the runner-up of Group C in the
quarterfinals.  Angliyaa, on the other hand, must hope for an excellent
match against Solelhada on Friday.  They will need a strong victory
there to even have a chance to advance.

Game 12 - Estontetso-Solelhada:
 NOVEFA, in conjunction with WEHFFA, announces the results for todays
second Group B match held at the inaugural Western Hemisphere Cup of
Nations, co-sanctioned by the WEHFFA and NOVEFA, played Tuesday,
September 15, 298, in Drekan:
The final result is Estontetso 0 - Solelhada 3

The Technical Information:

Played in: Drekan, Dascunya (Union Stadium), attendance: 54,300
Referee: Ilica Stabovic (Angalda)
Goals: Langles (15.), Peiracava (30.), Langles (71.)
Yellow cards: Portal (SOL, 35.), Castelos (EST, 47.), Ponto (EST, 68.)
Substitutions: Guardanapeira for Ponto (45.), Nespera for Lavai (EST,
45.), Mondin for Delmas (SOL, 45.), Szabo for Auguste (SOL, 45.)

Match commentary:

Much-needed win for Los Diables Roges!

The Red Devils were under great pressure to perform in this match after
the loss to the magnificent Phenixians last round, and they came through
nicely!  The well-oiled team, which had impressed despite their loss in
their last game, did away with the tired-looking Estontetsans in
attractive fashion.  The game was quite interesting, especially since
the Solelhadan side became very agressive after the second goal (they
are somewhat known for that), and thus the game remained fast-paced and

Solelhadan stalwart forward Langles scored the first goal for the Devils
in just the 15. minute in some confusion before the Estontetsan goal.
EST keeper Vento was unable to get the ball under control, and the
defender was not quick enough to grasp the situation.  Thus, Langles
capitalized and  bumped the ball across the line!

The second goal came only 15 minutes later, as defender Peiracava
converted a rebound off the crossbar resuting from a long free kick by
Arrat.  After this goal, the Devils really tried to turn up the heat,
and it is surprising that they only scored one more goal, and that not
until well into the second half.

Just before the break, Estontetso striker Velhotes had an excellent
chance, as he had some room to maneuver in front of the goal.  But
Solelhada keeper Delmas was on hand, running quicky towards Velhotes.
They collided hard, and Delmas seized control over the ball, preventing
a goal for the Estontetsans.  However, in the collision, Delmas slightly
injured his wrist, so as a precatuin, coach Almos decided to bring in
second keeper Mondin for the second half.  He also added another forward
, taking out a defender, to further intensify the agressive play by

After the break, both sides enjoyed good chances, with the Devils
playing quite risky and spectacular, and Estontetso getting chances
through the inevitable counter-attacks resulting from the risky Devil
play.  No goals were scored until the 71. minute, though, when the
agressive play finally challenged the Estontetso defense one time too
many, and Langles scored again in an elegant heel-kick through the legs
of keeper Vento, for the final score of 3-0 Solelhada.

Group B is now wide open.  Both Estontetso and Solelhada have one win.
Solelhadas chances on advancing are perhaps the best, as they play
two-time-losers Angliyaa, while Estontetso must face the impressive
Phenixians.  We'll see.