Official Game Statements:

Games 13 and 14 (CHR-MAR and COC-NPX) 09-16-298 (Cup of Nations)

Game 13 - Christiana-Maryport:

NOVEFA, in conjunction with WEHFFA, announces the results for todays
Group C match held at the inaugural Western Hemisphere Cup of
Nations, co-sanctioned by the WEHFFA and NOVEFA, played Wednesday,
September 16, 298, in Hawadan:
The final result is Christiana 3, Maryport 3

The Technical Information:

Final score: CHRISTIANA 3 - MARYPORT 3
Played in: Hawadan, Dascunya (Red Rock Stadium), attendance:
Referee: Paolo Caroscinha (Solelhada)
Goals: Sirisson (MAR, 20.), Ibensson (MAR, 30. Penalty), Monaigh (CHR,
35.), Sirisson (MAR, 51.), Nolan (CHR, 61.), Harrison (CHR, 69.)
Yellow cards: O'Kenney (CHR, 41.)
Substitutions: Hanson for Ibensson (MAR, 45.), Nolan for Bolton (CHR,
45.), Andersen for Monaigh (CHR, 62.)

Match commentary:

Another draw for Christiana, as Maryport turns up the heat!

Christiana came into this game the favorites, where a win would secure
them a spot in the quarter-finals, but the Knights perhaps
underestimated the Maryport squad a bit.  This was Maryports first
action of the Cup, as they were sitting out round 1, and they were
obviously eager to play.  A lot of Maryportian fans had made the journey
to Dascunya, so the crowd was slightly on their side.  Sirisson put
Maryport one up rather soon, ending the stalemate of the first twenty
minutes, where both teams did not make much progress towards either
goal.  After the 1-0, Maryport gained some confidence, and for a while
the momentum was clearly with them.  In the 30. minute, a Maryport
attack was stopped at the last moment by Christiana defender Burton.
Unfortunately, the foul inside the penalty area meant that Maryport was
awarded the penalty kick, and Ibensson converted with ease.

The Knights were rather set aback - now all of a sudden the favorites
were 2 down in just the 30. minute!  Coach Murphy changed the tactics
(i.e. he shouted some instructions to his libero), and from then on,
Christiana seemed to get a better grip on the game.  In fact, Monaigh
scored an important goal just 5 minutes after the 2-0 for Maryport, as
he converted a pass by Padraig.  Psychologically, it was important for
Christiana to go into the break, not 2 down, but only 1 down.

However, after the break they suffered another shock, as Sirisson again
scored and re-established the gap of 2. But Coach Murphy had brought in
Nolan after the break in the hope to rejuvenate the midfield, and it
worked.  Not only did Nolan add a spark to the Christiana attack, he
even scored the next important goal himself, in a beautiful solo attack.
Murphy then decided it was time for another fresh player to enter, and
he exchanged the tired Monaigh, who had done a lot of work, with young
striker Andersen.  Again, this seemed to improve Christianan offensive
play.  Sure enough, Harrison, who had already scored twice in the game
vs. Davenport, finally scored the equalizer in the 69. minute by head,
after a triple-head-combination where Andersen-Nolan-Harrison all made
contact with the ball by head in succession.

Christiana was then eager to score once more, and heavily pressured
Maryport.  Two more good chances, both by Andersen, were thwarted by the
Maryport keeper.  The relative inexperience of Andersen also prevented
another dangerous chance from turning into a goal, as he passed the ball
nicely to Nolan, but unfortunately just too far, so Nolan could not run
it down, and it went out of bounds.  Maryport would hold on to tie after

Christiana's qualifying play is over, and the group is wide open now.
Maryport and Davenport will battle on Saturday in a game that will
decide everything.  Who ever wins, will win the group.  Who ever loses
will go home.  If they tie, it must be a 4-4 or higher for both
Davenport and Maryport to advance.  In the event of a 3-3, a lottery
will have to be held to determine who advances!  If the tie is a 2-2 or
less, Christiana will win the group, and a lottery must be held between
Davenport and Maryport for the second spot!  What a suspense!

Game 14 - Coceira-Northern Phenixia:
 NOVEFA, in conjunction with WEHFFA, announces the results for todays
Group D match held at the inaugural Western Hemisphere Cup of
Nations, co-sanctioned by the WEHFFA and NOVEFA, played Wednesday,
September 16, 298, in Rossinia:
The final result is Coceira 2 - Northern Phenixia 0

The Technical Information:

Played in: Rossinia, Dascunya (Solianah Stadium), attendance:
Referee: Johnny Whistler (Christiana)
Goals: Stivan (33.), S. Gore (59.)
Yellow cards: J. Gore (COC, 31.), Issa (NPX, 50), Mikel (COC, 61.)
Substitutions: Kutsch for Stivan (COC, 45.), Platoche for Amadou (NPX,
45.), Karvan for V. Rek (COC, 60.), Rommel for Brehme (NPX, 62.)

Match commentary:

Cool and collected Coceira secures top spot!

In the first game against Angalda, the Coceiran team had impressed
tremendously with their good preparation, organization, and physical
condition, as well as mental coolness to capitalize on the opponents
mistake, and in this game, we pretty much saw more of the same.  Coceira
again came to the game with a plan, and they executed without being too
distracted by a respectable Northern Phenixia, which nevertheless was
not entirely up to the task of facing such a strong opponent.  However,
Northern Phenixia certainly played well, and made a lot less mistakes
than Angalda that allowed Coceira to score.

Northern Phenixia was in action for the first time in this Cup, and
although it seemed like this group is the easiest of all before the
beginning of play, it more and more looks like some very strong play is
coming from here.  Northern Phenixia was quite impressive in the
beginning, and had two very good chances in the first 15 minutes.
However, after Stivan scored the 1-0 for Coceira, their enthusiasm ebbed
slightly, and the Coceirans began to carry out their strategy.  Their
play was patient, and they made great efforts to keep the ball in
posession.  There was no need for the team to exhaust themselves, and
one got the impression they were in a cruise mode, preserving their
energies for the playoff rounds to come.  It was not very spectacular,
and the crowds began to whistle sometimes (especially the Dascunyan
spectators), but Coceira was undounted, and until the break, no real
good chances developed for either team.

To further take it easy, defender Kutsch was brought in for striker
Stivan during the break.  Northern Phenixian player-manager Platoche,
who is 37 years old, entered the game for the second half as well.
Platoche is a legend in his own right in Northern Phenixia, and a very
accomplished offensive midfielder.  Indeed, his team had some good
impulses from him, and things began to look up for Northern Phenixia.
Another good chance, this time by Ohanessian, went closely over the

However, it was again Coceira to score next, as S. Gore and V. Rek again
pulled off one of their famous combination plays.  Gore finished off
this time, putting Coceira up 2-0.  V. Rek was then taken out of the
game to save his strength and prevent injury for the next game.
Northern Phenixia, on the other hand, brought in another offensive
player, Rommel.  But it was not enough.  Coceira stayed calm and did not
allow them to score at all.  In fact, NPX keeper Higuita made two
terrific saves to prevent more goals for Coceira.  Likewise, Coceira
keeper Miroslav was outstanding in holding shots bu Platoche and Rommel,
and deflecting another by Lherbe over the goal.

Coceira, with this win, clearly wins Group D, and will face second-place
of Group A in the quarterfinals.  Angalda and Northern Phenixia will
meet on Saturday to decide who advances in a direct duel.  Northern
Phenixia only needs a draw to advance on goal differential, so Angalda
MUST win!