Official Game Statements:

Game 15 (DAS-STK) 09-17-298 (Cup of Nations)

Game 15 - Dascunya-St. Kilda:
 NOVEFA, in conjunction with WEHFFA, announces the results for todays
Group A match held at the inaugural Western Hemisphere Cup of
Nations, co-sanctioned by the WEHFFA and NOVEFA, played Thursday,
September 17, 298, in Danheim:
The final result is Dascunya 4 - St.Kilda 0

The Technical Information:

Final score: DASCUNYA 4 - ST. KILDA 0
Played in: Danheim, Dascunya (Olympic Stadium), attendance: 79,500
Referee: Gilles Baptiste (Phenixia)
Goals: De la Cruz (13.), Diva (34.), Benitez (55.), Trifade (61.)
Yellow cards: None
Substitutions: Benitez for Williamson (DAS, 45.), Creus for Diva (57.)

Match commentary:

Dascunya finally can breathe easier as they take the group title in
convincing fashion!

Nobody really doubted that Dascunya would advance into the
quarterfinals, but after the draw against Bowdani, and the default 3-0
wins by Bowdani and St; Kilda due to the withdrawal of Elmira, for a
while there was a little tension in the camp of the Cup favorites.
Dascunya had to win this game to be in the best position for the
quarterfinals, but, to the great delight of the home crowd, which was
near capacity of the Olympic Stadium in Danheim, their team finally came
through big.

De la Cruz brought them the early lead, after a mediochre pass from
Leduck, which he made the best of with a great sprint.  The Dascunyans
seemed confident and well-prepared all through the game.  National hero
Diva made another contribution to his team's glory, as he scored the 2-0
in the 34. minute through a long 'bomb' of a shot that went into the
high far corner, out of reach for the Kildan goalie.  St. Kilda on the
other hand really never had any particularly good scoring opportunities
in the first half, and even only managed to provoke one corner.

Coach Elmonte brought in Benitez for Williamson during the break.
Williamson was not playing too well today, and as Dascunya was very much
in control, Elmonte preferred to switch the strategies more into the
midfield.  But it turned out that Benitez ended up scoring the 3-0 for
Dascunya, in a nice head-shot after a short and high pass from Indiazan!
Shortly thereafter, coach Elmonte called Diva to the bench, as he wanted
to preserve his star striker for the more important games to come.  Diva
was actually a bit angry, because he wanted to get as many chances to
score as possible, to hunt for the top scorer's award.  But Elmonte
reminded him that it was for the best of the team if he was fully rested
for the quarterfinals.

St. Kilda finally had a scoring chance in the 58. minute, when a penalty
was called for a foul comitted by Leduck on Kildan striker McVeer.
McVeer himself was to take the kick, but unfortunately missed the goal
very high, to the great entertainment of the Dascunyan crowd.  It was a
bit embarrassing.  St. Kilda was thus not to score a single goal in the
Cup (the 3-0 against Elmira was by default only).

After the missed penalty, the Kildans pretty much gave up, and after
Trifade scored again for Dascunya in the 61. minute, the home team just
put it into cruise control, and began to already think of the next game.

The celebrations of the Dascunyan crowds was considerable after the
match.  The players ran several laps around the race track that
surrounds the soccer field in the stadium, carrying flags, and throwing
their shirts into the crowd!  It was a great scene, and several fans
also set off small fireworks and crackers to light up the night skies.

For Dascunya this means they will face the runner-up of group B in the
quarterfinals.  St' Kilda's quest for the cup is now officially over.
They are the first team to go home, after making not much of an