Official Game Statements:

Games 18 and 19 (DAV-MAR and ANC-NPX)) 09-19-298 (Cup of Nations)

Game 18 - Davenport-Maryport:
NOVEFA, in conjunction with WEHFFA, announces the results for todays
Group C match held at the inaugural Western Hemisphere Cup of
Nations, co-sanctioned by the WEHFFA and NOVEFA, played Friday,
September 19, 298, in Jezen:
The final result is Davenport 3, Maryport 0

The Technical Information:

Final score: DAVENPORT 3 - MARYPORT 0
Played in: Jezen, Dascunya (Stadium of Dascunya), attendance:
Referee: Ilica Stabovic (Angalda)
Goals: Gaspe (DAV, 41.), Harbour (DAV, 51.), Gaspe (DAV, 61.)
Yellow cards: None
Substitutions: Tzeng for Springer (DAV, 45.)

Match commentary:

Davenport victorious to take group C top spot!

In a rather entertaining game, Davenport, who were slight favorites, put
a good exclamation point on their campaign with a clear win over
Maryport, ending the group C stalemate of teams, and deciding the
quarterfinal positions, which were wide open before the game.

Most remarkablel in the game was the outstanding performance of
midfielder Claude Gaspe, who had a fantastic game, and not only
engineered the victory, but even scored two goals himself.  Forward
Harbour, who had already scored in the first game against Christiana as
well, contributed the third goal.

Although the result suggests dominance by Davenport, in fact Maryport
was very much in the game, and somewhat got a raw deal with this high
result.  Their play was quite spectacular and technically advanced.

The teams of group C were probably the closest matched of all groups.
Davenport now, as the group champion, will face second place of group D
in the quarterfinals, Christiana will meet Phenixia in what promises to
be a highlight of the cup!  Maryport will have to go home, after a good

Game 19 - Angalda-Northern Phenixia:
NOVEFA, in conjunction with WEHFFA, announces the results for todays
Group D match held at the inaugural Western Hemisphere Cup of
Nations, co-sanctioned by the WEHFFA and NOVEFA, played Saturday,
September 19, 298, in Ytzigard:
The final result is Angalda 2 - Northern Phenixia 3

The Technical Information:

Played in: Ytzigard, Dascunya (Stadium Robert Trevortheck), attendance:
Referee: Vasco Contara (Estontetso)
Goals: Issa (NPX, 22.), Leikovic (ANC, 36.), Platoche (NPX, 60.), Gueye
(NPX, 67.), Weyland (ANC, 81., penalty)
Yellow cards: Stokvic (ANC, 34.), Brehme (NPX, 40.), Berencie (ANC, 55.)
Substitutions: Weyland for Ivanovic (ANC, 45.), Washington for Troll
(NPX, 45.), Platoche for Fighinho (NPX, 45.), Yrnka for Stokvic (ANC,

Match commentary:

Still shaken Angalda falters again to spirited Northern Phenixia!

Nobody would have thought that Angalda would be packing their bags at
the end of the qualification rounds, as they were considered the
favorites by many experts to win group D.  But things did just not go
their way.  After the devastating loss to Coceira, the squad was still
shaky in their passing play and execution, which was obviously a result
of the increased pressure and nerveousness, playing in front of the home
crowds who had come with much anticipation.  Angalda needed to win this
game to have a chance to advance, while Northern Phenixia only needed a

The home team was off to a bad start, as NPX midfield-virtuoso Issa
scored the 1-0 from a free kick situation.  However, Leikovic evened out
for Angalda in the 36. minute by head, and things were still looking
promising, although Angaldan play was quite erratic and with many
turnovers.  Surely after the break, they would take charge.

Alas, it was the exact opposite:  NPX brought in their veteran
player-manager Platoche with a ton of experience, and striker
Washington, and with these two additions began to take control over the
game.  To his own personal great delight, Platoche scored the 2-1 for
NPX after an assist from Gueye.  This game the NPX team even more spark,
as they are all very fond of their team 'daddy' at 37 years of age.
Sure enough, just 7 minutes later, it was another Gueye-Platoche
combination, but this time with an assist by Platoche and goal by Gueye,
that brought NPX 2 up!

Like in the first game, the crowds had grown quite silent at this time,
because it now seemed very unlikely that Angalda would advance.  Many
began to leave.  Their team would have to score 3 goals in just 22
minutes, and there was no sign of it, as they were now desperate after
the NPX goals.  They did however put forth another all-or-nothing
effort, and in the last 15 minutes finally took control over the match.
In the 80. minute, Weyland was fouled in the penalty area, while he
received a pass from McAndwell, and Estontetso referee called for the
penalty shot, which Weyland converted.  The Angaldan players were
frantically rushing back, as they now had only 9 minutes to score 2
goals!  But NPX was very cautious, and kept the ball in posession well,
through repeated back-passing, which drew loud whistling from the
remaining crowd.  Northern Phenixia held on to win 3-2, and was
overjoyed at this triumph!  They will face Davenport in the

For Angalda, this has been a cup to forget.  Although the team showed
flashes of brilliance when they finally came to grips with their nerves,
they ultimately did not have what it took to execute the needed wins.
But with the start of their own league soon, they can be expected to be
stronger opponents in the future.  A disappointment for the home fans,