Official Game Statements:

Game 21 (DAV-NPX) 09-24-298 (Cup of Nations)

Game 21 - Davenport-Northern Phenixia (Quarterfinals):
NOVEFA, in conjunction with WEHFFA, announces the results for todays
Quarterfinal match held at the inaugural Western Hemisphere Cup of
Nations, co-sanctioned by the WEHFFA and NOVEFA, played Thursday,
September 24, 298, in Rossinia:
The final result is Davenport 2 - Northern Phenixia 0

The Technical Information:

Played in: Rossinia, Dascunya (Solianah Stadium), attendance: 61,500
Referee: Paolo Caroscinha (Solelhada)
Goals: Harbour (DAV, 39.), Tzeng (DAV, 68.)
Yellow cards: NONE
Substitutions: Peters for Cannon (DAV, 45.), Washington for Fighinho
(NPX, 45.) Tzeng for Mohran (DAV, 63.), Platoche for Amadou (NPX, 70.)

Match commentary:

Northern Phenixia's fairy tale over after they exit gracefully in strong
match with Davenport!

Northern Phenixia was certainly considered somewhat of a positive
surprise, as they were able to oust the highly rated Angaldan team in
the qualifying rounds, but today they once again proved that they are a
team to be reckoned with, as Davenport had to push hard to beat the
feisty squad from the tiny nation.

Both teams were extremely well prepared for the game, and the match was
very even and exciting, with many chances on both sides.  NPX keeper
Higuita prevented the early goal for Davenport, with a spectacular save,
twice, right on the line.  Davenport defender Coughlan, on the other
hand, kept Ohanessian in check, as he was about to unleash a bomb
towards the Davenport goal in the 33. minute.  The entertaining and high
quality game finally saw a goal in the 39. minute, after Davenport
super-striker Harbour converted an amazing pass from Gaspe, that saw
Brehme and Rojas without chance to defend.

Davenportian Crowley did a good job of keeping Issa in check, and that
may have been the difference in the end, as NPX failed to score in the
first half.  Platoche brought in Washington for Fighinho, who was not
quite up to the task, in an effort to strengthen the attack.  Davenport
entered Tzeng later in the game, who had been nursing an injury, and was
thus on the bench for a good part of the game.  Once he was in, though,
he became a central figure in the Davenport attack.

Meanwhile, NPX had several good close chances to score.  Ohanessian and
Lherbe both just hit the goal-frame, and Crowley cleared a shot from
Issa just before the line.  The resulting corner kick was headed over
the goal by Ohanessian.

Despite the slight dominance of NPX in the early second half, and with
quite some luck, Davenport managed to keep the leather out of their own
goal.  As the old saying goes, if you don't score, the other team will,
and sure enough, Gaspe was once again the architect of the decisive
goal, as he passed a long lob to Tzeng, who tricked a defender, and left
Higuita no chance. 2-0.

Shortly thereafter, Platoche entered the game, to the great cheers of
the fans.  His sheer appearance seemed to intimidate team Davenport
considerably, and NPX was once again pushing for a goal.  Platoche and
Amadou created quite a stir in the midfield, and it took a considerable
effort by the Men in Royal to keep the Northern Phenixians in check.
Platoche could not turn the game around, despite the good chances.
Huguita actually had another great save to prevent the 3-0 for
Davenport, after a spinning shot from Harbour, which briefly bounced
from the keepers hands.  But he took control of the ball then.

Both teams were clearly exhausted after the game, as they had given
their all in the process.  The fans were ecstatic at the great game they
had seen, and gave both teams a good cheer.  It was obvious that the
Davenport players had great respect for NPX, and they probably thought
they had dodged a bullet.  Davenport will now face difficult opponent,
and host, Dascunya in the semi-finals, where they will have to content
with the crowds on the side of their opponents.  Northern Phenixia
however will look back with pride on what they have accomplished, and
the good games they have played.  Michel Platoche's team deserves a lot
of credit, and surely they will be welcomed at home as heroes.