Official Game Statements:

Game 22 (PHX-CHR) 09-25-298 (Cup of Nations)

Game 22 - Phenixia-Christiana (Quarterfinals):
NOVEFA, in conjunction with WEHFFA, announces the results for todays
Quarterfinal match held at the inaugural Western Hemisphere Cup of
Nations, co-sanctioned by the WEHFFA and NOVEFA, played Friday,
September 25, 298, in Jezen:
The final result is Phenixia 0 - Christiana 0, with Christiana winning
the penalty-shootout.

The Technical Information:

Final score: PHENIXIA 0 - CHRISTIANA 0, CHRISTIANA wins penalty shootout
Played in: Jezen, Dascunya (Stadium of Dascunya), attendance: 63,500
Referee: Piotr Klenk (Coceira)
Goals: NONE
Penalty shots: Sloblar (PHX, scores), Harrison (CHR, scores), Lahziz
(PHX, scores), Nolan (CHR, scores), Pilouti (PHX, misses), Marin (CHR,
misses), Youri (PHX, misses), Monaigh (CHR, scores), Jairzinho (PHX,
scores), Padraig (CHR, scores)
Yellow cards: Maximu (PHX, 31.)
Substitutions: Pilouti for Fernando (PHX, 45.), James for Bolton (CHR,
45.), Abedi for Magnusson (PHX, 77.), Marin for Mortensen (CHR, 106.)

Match commentary:

Christiana sneaks through in overtime and penalty-shot thriller!

Inevitably, in every elimination tournament there will be situations
where both teams are tied after regulation, and the game has to go into
overtime, or even penalties, often ending with a surprise winner in the
end.  This was somewhat the case in this match as the so far rather
indifferent team Christiana, who have not won a game in this cup, and
lost their friendly with Ordland a month ago, finally pulled off a
(admittedly close and a little lucky) victory, stunning the Phenixian
team, who was favorite to advance to the semifinals.

Both teams seemed a bit sluggish in the beginning, but soon Phenixia
enjoyed a few good chances created by Lahziz.  Chistiana keeper
Jorgensen was alert, however.  Then the game fell back into a lull for a
while.  Mediochre chances existed off and on for both teams, but
ultimately neither were able to score before the break.  The numerous
Phenixian fans who had made the trip across the border, voiced their
dismay with the dolphins in the last few minutes of the second half, as
they were not living up to the promise of the previous games.

To spice up the offensive midfield, coach Pelletier brought in Pilouti
for the second half, and it worked well.  All throughout the second
half, the Dolphins had mostly control over the game, except for one
superb chance, when Monaigh missed the goal from short distance.  He
coudn't believe it!

However, with quite some luch, the Knights managed to keep Phenixia from
scoring a well-deserved goal, and the game was still scoreless after 90
minutes were played!

As is often the case, both teams were then extremely cautious during the
overtime of 2x15 minutes.  The very tentative play did not produce many
good moments, and the crowd grew quite restless.  Christiana obviously
was trying to delay and hold the ball, to then take their chances in the
ensuing penalty-shootout.  Meanwhile, Phenixia seemed very concerned
about taking any risk, as a counter-goal could have very well meant
sudden elimination.  Just in the last few minutes, as all players tired
considerably, Phenixia tried to make a last effort.  Skoblar was
standing on the wrong foot, however, to convert a heel-pass from Lahziz,
and Christiana keeper Jorgenson cleared.  Just seconds before the final
whistle, Abedi missed another good chance after a mis-pass from
O'Kenney.  The ball just went inches outside the side post!

The penalty shot was thus called for.  The first two players each
respectively scored for their teams.  At 2-2, Phenixian midfielder
Pilouti stepped up to shoot.  Just as he was about to hit the ball,
apparently he was distracted by a firecracker going off in the crowd
(this is what he said later in an interview), and he missed the goal
well to the left!  It was now Christiana's chance!  they put up the
fresh Marin, who had entered the game only in overtime.  But he seemed
very nerveous, and indeed kicked the ball over the crossbar!

The momentum was now back with Phenixia, and striker Youri, who had not
scored in this cup, was next.  He tried to fake a left shot to goalie
Jorgensen, and actually kicked right, but apparently concentrated too
much on the fake, and not the kick, because the ball hit the side post,
bounced back, and was kicked away by a jubilant Jorgensen!  Now the
Dolphins were in trouble.  Monaigh scored the next penalty with ease,
and Phenixia could only watch, after Jairzinho scored their last
attempt, as defender Padraig had the shot to win for Christiana.  Under
tremendous pressure, Padraig impressed, as he apparently with ease, and
non-chalance picked a corner, and converted with ease, as keeper Carnus
guessed the wrong corner.  The stadium then erupted!  The relatively
annoying game, and the nerve-wrecking finish had kept the fans waiting
for a long time, and now all emotions came out.  Although the majority
were Phenixians and Dascunyans, a big portion came from Christiana as
well, and they began immediate festivities, with their surprising
heroes, the Knights!  Christiana must now face the winner of
Coceira-Bowdani in the Semifinals, while Phenixia, like their sister
team Northern Phenixia, must head home after an overall good showing.
Still, some disappointment will probably persist in Phenixia, since
after the really strong start, expectations of reaching the finals
seemed quite realistic and high.