Official Game Statements:

Game 23 (COC-BOW) 09-26-298 (Cup of Nations)

Game 23 - Coceira-Bowdani (Quarterfinals):
NOVEFA, in conjunction with WEHFFA, announces the results for todays
Quarterfinal match held at the inaugural Western Hemisphere Cup of
Nations, co-sanctioned by the WEHFFA and NOVEFA, played Saturday,
September 26, 298, in Ytzigard:
The final result is Coceira 1 - Bowdani 0, in overtime

The Technical Information:

Final score: COCEIRA 1 - BOWDANI 0, in overtime
Played in: Ytzigard, Dascunya (Stadium Robert Trevortheck), attendance:
Referee: Iain MacXavier (St. Kilda )
Goals: V. Rek (COC, 104.)
Yellow cards: Kutsch (COC, 58.)
Substitutions: Andrews for Bowman (BOW, 45.), Stivan for Jan Gore (COC,
45.), Kurvan for Mikel (90.), Dill for Jones (BOW, 93.)

Match commentary:

Coceira patiently outlasts a stubborn Bowdani in overtime!

Coceira's statement before the game showed a good bit of caution and
respect for their opponents, and rightfully so, as the game showed.
Coceira stuck with their successful strategy of wait-and-see, and
letting their opponents make mistakes, on which they plan to
capitalize.  However, Bowdani did not make any mistakes.  Essentially,
both teams were exercising the same strategy.  Bowdani simply did not
take any undue risks, and played very defensively.  Since Coceira was
not pushing hard either, they kept each other in check.  This did not
make for very pretty football, but both teams had organized their
strategy well, and effectively comitted very little mistakes that would
give the opponent an opportunity to score.

After the break, it seemed as if Bowdani was pushing forward slightly
more, and they had two good but futile chances early on.  Coceira
quickly adjusted, however, and were effective in thwarting most
attacks.  Not quite up to par in this game seemed S. Gore, who often
left V. Rek by himself in the attack.  After a quick chat with the
coach, in the middle of the second half, it seemed he was rejuvenated,
and from then on, Rek and Gore once again became the dynamic duo they
are famous for.  We do not know what was bothering Gore, or what the
coach said to him, but whatever it was, was alleviated.

>From then on, Coceira began taking control of the game, really for the
first time in convincing fashion.  The ball was in the Bowdani half for
most of the time, and they were under constant pressure.  V. Rek and S.
Gore now caused some havoc in the Bowdani defense, but the now once
again very defensive Bowdanians kept kicking the ball away, only for
Coceira to begin their next attack.  Marat had an excellent chance with
a sharp angle shot from the left, but the ball only hit the outside
net.  The Coceiran fans thought it was a goal, because it looked like
the ball was actually inside the net, as it was somewhat entangled, and
a loud whistling concert ensued after the referee confirmed it was not a
goal.  Marat and Meridion then tried to calm the crowd down, and they

So Bowdani managed to keep the game scoreless, despite a strong push by
Coceira, and for the second time in this Cup, a match went into
overtime.  Coceira however wanted to prevent the lottery of penalty
shootouts, and once overtime began, it was clear that they were keen on
ending this game quickly.  At this time, the better conditioning of the
Coceiran players also proved to be an advantage.  Bowdani defense just
couldn't keep up with them, and FINALLY, in a triple-play involving
Kurvan, and once again S. Gore and V. Rek, Coceiran top scoring hero V.
Rek scored the winning goal in the 104th minute!

Bowdani then tried to push hard to equalize, but Coceira kept their
cool, and did not permit any major chances.  A deperation long shot by
Andrews in the 118. minute went deflected by Coceira keeper Miroslav
over the goal.  The resulting corner kick was cleared by Kutsch by head,
and the game was over.

Coceira will now face Christiana in the semifinals.  Seeing the
distraction the Knights currently must deal with the assassination
attempt of King Edward II, Coceira must be considered the favorites to
advance all the way to the finals.  But Christiana has shown a surge in
form, and nevertheless come off a victory against a very highly rated
Phenixian team.  In no way can this game be taken for granted.