Official Game Statements:

Game 24 (DAS-DAV) 10-01-298 (Cup of Nations)

Game 24 - Dascunya-Davenport (Semifinals):
NOVEFA, in conjunction with WEHFFA, announces the results for todays
Semifinal match held at the inaugural Western Hemisphere Cup of
Nations, co-sanctioned by the WEHFFA and NOVEFA, played Thursday,
October 1, 298, in Rossinia:
The final result is Dascunya 2, Davenport 1

The Technical Information:

Final score: DASCUNYA 2 - DAVENPORT 1
Played in: Rossinia, Dascunya (Solianah Stadium), attendance:
Referee: Ilica Stabovic (Angalda)
Goals: Gaspe (DAV, 36.), Indiazan (DAS, 49.), Diva (DAS, 74.)
Yellow cards: DeFohn (DAS, 36.), Crowley (DAV, 55.)
Substitutions: Re'nard for Mohran (DAV, 45.), Tzeng for Vaudroy (DAV,
62.), Favinho for Diva (DAS, 75.), Klerency for Indiazan (DAS, 75.)

Match commentary:

Home heroes Dascunya go on to the finals in action-packed match!

Solianah Stadium was not only sold out, but actually some extra people
somehow managed to squeeze inside for this exciting semifinal game
(official capacity is only 96,000!), and they all saw soccer at its best
today, as two of Vexilliums greatest soccer powers collided.  The game
had all the action one could possibly wish for, and 90 minutes of fair,
technically advanced, and fighting spirit play by both nations, a true
celebration of soccer.  Too bad that one of them had to lose!

At no time was either team dominant, although both went through their
phases of better play.  After numerous chances on both sides resulted in
near misses or miraculous saves, especially once again by Leaman,
Davenport midfield wizard Gaspe scored from a free kick resulting from a
yellow-card foul by DeFohn, to bring Davenport up one-nil, to the shock
of the home crowd.  But Dascunya played on very spirited, and had
several chances to equalize before the break.  However, Davenport was up
to the task, and stayed ahead until halftime.

Since his team had played well, but just not had the luck to score,
coach Elmonte kept the Dascunya side the same.  After the break,
Davenport had a great chance, as just substituted striker Re'nard's shot
was barely deflected by Leaman to hit the sidepole, from which the
rebound was under control by the omnipresent Indiazan.

Indiazan then turned and began to run with the ball, passing with
Trifade.  Trifade and Indiazan then exchanged balls several times, all
the while progressing deeper into Davenport territory.  Davenport
committed a tactical error, because the defenders concentrated most on
Diva and De La Cruz, so instead of passing to them, Indiazan decided to
keep the ball himself, and sprinted on relatively unchallenged.  After a
final fake move, the Dascunya defender now found himself directly before
keeper Dooley, who was quickly approaching.  As Dooley threw himself
down towards the ball, Indiazan coolly lobbed the leather directly over
the goalie, who had to despondently look on as the ball softly landed in
the goal.  It was one of the best goals so far in the Cup!

Now the crowds went crazy!  And Dascunya got an extra impulse from it.
But Davenport was by no means finished!  Three very good chances all
came in the 60s, but without further score, two of which were engineered
by Tzeng, who joined the game in the 62. minute.

But ultimately it turned int a storybook victory for Dascunya, as, who
else, Favio Diva was once again the hero, and scored yet another crucial
goal for Dascunya - this one was the most important yet, because it
takes the home favorites into the much desired final in Danheim.
Diva and Indiazan, the two key players of the team were then removed to
again preserve for the next match, a strategy which we have seen quite a
lot by the coach, especially for Diva.  And it appears to have paid off.

It is difficult to describe the scenes of joy and ecstasy in Solianah
Stadium tonight, and on the streets of Dascunya.  The home nation is now
completely football-crazy, and all that seems to matter now is the
final!  Many fans have held up banners: "Next beat Coceira in the
Final", and "Coceira will go down for the Cup", but the second semifinal
between Coceira and Christiana is yet to be decided, tomorrow.  The fans
want to beat the "Cinderella-story team" Coceira, however, that is for

For Davenport remains the match for third place against the loser of
tomorrow's semifinal, after a remarkable showing - what a great recovery
of the team, considering the still damaged and impaired facilities in
Davenport.  We will see this team in contention again for sure!