Official Game Statements:

Game 25 (COC-CHR) 10-02-298 (Cup of Nations)

Game 25 - Coceira-Christiana (Semifinals):
NOVEFA, in conjunction with WEHFFA, announces the results for todays
Semifinal match held at the inaugural Western Hemisphere Cup of
Nations, co-sanctioned by the WEHFFA and NOVEFA, played Friday,
October 2, 298, in Ytzigard:
The final result is Coceira 0 - Christiana 2

The Technical Information:

Final score: COCEIRA 0 - CHRISTIANA 2
Played in: Ytzigard, Dascunya (Stadium Robert Trevortheck), attendance:
Referee: Gilles Baptiste (Phenixia)
Goals: Monaigh (31.), Harrison (33.)
Yellow cards: NONE
Substitutions: Stivan for Jan Gore (COC, 45.), Karvan for Marat (COC,
45.), Burton for Andersen (CHR, 45.), T. Johanssen for Padraig (CHR,

Match commentary:

Christiana delivers double blow for the King, to end Coceira's

There was much controversy surrounding this game:  first, would Team
Christiana be inspired or devastated by the recent attempt on their
King?  How would the strain of travelling from Dascunya to Christiana
affect them, after they went to see their King?  Would it be a fair game
between the two nations, or would tempers be hot after the recent qualms
between Christiana and the FCLR?  Would it come to the much-rumored
final showdown between Dascunya and Coceira, which the home fans so
called for?  Could Coceira continue their incredible run, that has
brought this tiny nation into the international spotlight?  Could V. Rek
score more goals to stay in the hunt for the scoring title?

Well, these questions and controversies have now been answered.  Indeed
Team Christiana seemed very much inspired by their King, who they went
to see on short notice, soon after his assassination attempt.  The King
is such a huge fan, and even during the most intense pain after he was
shot, inquired about 'his' Knights.  Christiana must be considered the
most improved team of this Cup - after coming into the Cup off a loss,
and only drawing two games with rather mediocre play at first, and
barely squeezing into the second round, this team has really come
together very well, and all of a sudden finds itself in the final game
of this prestigious Cup!

To answer some of the other issues, the travelling did not seem to
affect the Knights too much, as they obviously played very alert and
well.  The game, despite speculations that tempers might be hot, was
completely profesional and fair play was in fact exemplory - not a
single yellow card was shown!  Coceira's incredible story ends here, and
there will not be the much-talked-about final with Dascunya.  And
finally, V. Rek failed to score in the game, but still has another
chance in the game for third place against Davenport next week.

The key for Christiana was the one-two blow of goals they delivered in
the 31. and 33. minutes, which knocked the air out of Coceira for the
rest of the half.  After the break, the Coceirans had a better part in
the game, but Christiana just never seemed to run out of steem, and they
kept the Coceira offense, and especially fabled striker pair S. Gore and
V. Rek well under control.  In fact, Coceira did not have very many
chances even after the break, despite solid play.  Christiana just was
too strong this time.

In the consolation final on next Saturday, Coceira and Davenport will
once again have an opportunity to shine, while on Sunday, IT'S THE BIG
ONE!  Hosts DASCUNYA, in front of a fanatical crowd will face
CHRISTIANA, who have to be considered the underdogs.  However, if the
Knights play like they did today, watch out, Dascunya!  They are
motivated to the hilt, and with over a week to prepare and rest, and no
doubt more support and inspiration from their greatest fan, the King,
who knows what they may be able to accomplish.  But Dascunya will
certainly be very tough in front of the home crowds.