Official Game Statements:

Games 30 and 31 (FCLR-MOR and DAV-COC) 10-10-298

Game 30 - FCLR-Morconia (Commemoration Cup of the Free Confederacy):
IVEFA announces the results for todays Group A match held at the
Commemoration Cup of the Free Confederacy, played Saturday, October 10,
298, in Gloria Libertatis:
The final result is FCLR 2 - Morconia 5

The Technical Information:

Final score: FCLR 2 - MORCONIA 5
Played in: Gloria Libertatis, FCLR (Lendian National Arena), attendance:
Referee: Piotr Klenk (Coceira)
Goals: Martiano (FCLR, 11.), Luande (FCLR, 23.), Dragunhe (MOR, 48.),
Abeiradela (MOR, 55.), Curassunhe (MOR, 58.), Abeiradela (MOR, 69.),
Testodasertan (MOR, 78.)
Yellow cards: Vebaste (FCLR, 50.)
Substitutions: Testodasertan for Pakiete (MOR, 45.), Cumkarago for
Numseinum (MOR, 45.), Dalista for Martiano (FCLR, 45.), Lombriga for
Himero (FCLR, 78.)

Match commentary:

Strange game leaves international observers stunned!

In the history of the IVEFA/NOVEFA, there has never been a game as
strange as this - at first, FCLR was clearly in control, easily pulling
ahead by two goals in the early going, and coasting through the rest of
the first half, without giving Morconia much chance to score or even
come close to their goal.  So far, so good.  However, during the break,
news came in from the IVEFA that Morconia was not going to play in the
Vexillium Cup, as they had been bumped out because of a formality, and
replaced ny Neonesia.  This infuriated the Morconians, who came back on
to the field steaming, and played with an abandon hardly ever seen

At the same time, FCLR had apparently decided to take it easy for the
rest of the game, as they could now be pretty much assured a spot in
tomorrow's final match, and they did not want to exhaust their players -
so they even did not seem worried as Morconia scored two goals shortly
after the break.  All FCLR needed to advance, after all, was a draw or
even a considerable loss, since their goal ratio was +4.  It is not
quite clear to the observers whether the FCLR was just toying with the
furious Morconians, or whether they were actually losing control over
the game, but Morconia ended up scoring an incredible 5 goals in the 2nd
half, only one short of eliminating the FCLR and advancing to the final
themselves.  But in the last minutes, FCLR once again took control, and
managed to hold on to the Group A title.  One wonders what was going on
here.  Surely the FCLR could not have been completely toying.  After
all, this was much too close for comfort.  On the other hand, there were
phases of the game where they were clearly dominant.  And why would they
not try to win in front of their home fans?  A strange game, and we may
never know the answers...

UNOFFICIAL - Coceira U-21-Dignania (Commemoration Cup of the Free Confederacy):

IVEFA announces the results for todays Group B match held at the
Commemoration Cup of the Free Confederacy, played Saturday, October 10,
298, in Gloria Libertatis:
The final result is Coceira U-21 2 - Dignania 1

The Technical Information:

Final score: COCEIRA U-21 2 - DIGNANIA 0
Played in: Gloria Libertatis, FCLR (Freedom Field), attendance:
Referee: Wehart Atankutnat (Acarina)
Goals: Kurvacek (COCU21, 49.), Antipodes (DIG, 61.), Zelezni (COCU21,
Yellow cards: Jan Kras (COCU21, 29.), Snares (DIG, 81.)
Substitutions: Jan Bomorave for Miroslav Gore (COCU21, 33.), Songacek
for Jan Kras (COCU21, 45.), Antipodes for Campbell (DIG, 45.), Plenty
for South (DIG, 71.)

Match commentary:

Coceiran juniors surprise Dignania and go to the final!

One wonders if this is an omen for the Coceiran senior team in action
tonight against Davenport  in the WH Cup of Nations...  The Coceiran
Under-21 squad already impressed in their last match against Acarina,
where they tied.  But today, it came even better, as their impressive
pool of young talent managed to overcome a by no means weak Dignanian
team.  In fact, the match was very even.  In the first half, Dignania
seemed to have a few more chances, but no score until the break.  COC
U-21 keeper Petr Kras impressed several times with great saves, and
Kurvacek once again turned heads with this fighting spirit and physical

After halftime, Kurvacek put Coceira up one with a somewhat lucky poke
at the ball, which spun off a Dignanian defender, upsetting goalie
North's plans and narrowly sneaking into the far corner.  Dignania was a
little shaken, but in the 61. minute fresh sub forward Antipodes headed
a corner kick by Hawke into the goal to equalize.  Dignania again had
more chances to score, until the end, but it was Coceira who once again
had the better luck/skill in execution.  This time, Zelezni was in the
right place at the right time, and despite complaints from Dinanian
defenders that he stopped the ball not with his chest, but his arm, the
referee saw no problem and gave the goal that resulted from a 180 degree
turn shot, which went between the legs of keeper North.

Coceira U-21 will now face the FCLR in the finals tomorrow.

Game 31 - Davenport-Coceira (WHCON - Match for third place):
NOVEFA, in conjunction with WEHFFA, announces the results for todays
consolation final match for third place held at the inaugural Western
Hemisphere Cup of Nations, co-sanctioned by the WEHFFA and NOVEFA,
played Saturday, October 10, 298, in Danheim:
The final result is Davenport 2, Coceira 1, in overtime

The Technical Information:

Final score: DAVENPORT 2 - COCEIRA 1, in overtime
Played in: Danheim, Dascunya (Olympic Stadium), attendance: 59,100
Referee: Vasco Contara (Estontetso)
Goals: V. Rek (COC, 27.), Tzeng (DAV, 63.), Springer (DAV, 114.)
Yellow cards: Vaudroy (DAV, 12.), Peters (DAV, 50.), Jan Rek (COC, 55.)
Substitutions: Mohran for Cannon (DAV, 45.), Mikel for Stivan (COC,
45.), Kurvan for Jan Gore (COC, 67.), Martin for Coughlan (DAV, 91.)

Match commentary:

Davenport outlasts Coceira in marathon match!

Although this was only the "consolation final" game for third place,
both teams had made it clear before the match that they had no
intentions of taking it easy, and both began the game with much spirit.
Despite the fact that there was relatively little at stake, the crowd
turnout was still good, people came to see two superb teams who will
likely be in the spotlight again at the Vexillium Cup.

Coceira seemed to have wings right out of the gates, apparently
motivated by today's earlier success of the Coceira U-21 team, who beat
Dignania and moved into the finals of the Commemoration Cup in Gloria
Libertatis.  S. Gore and V. Rek were at their very best for the first 30
minutes, practically everywhere on the field, and although S. Gore was
for a change not involved in a combination with V. Rek, Rek nevertheless
scored, this time after a pass from midfield orchestrator Meridion.  Rek
was able to trick substitute keeper Beliveau, who, however, had foiled
no less than three superb chances for Coceira already before with
lightning fast reflexes.

The Coceiran attack had done a lot of running in the early going, and
after the goal, the last 15 minutes really belonged more to Davenport,
as V. Rek & Co. were trying to make it to the break.  Gaspe was not as
sharp as usual, but Springer pretty much made up for the 'slack' -
together they created plenty of good opportunities, but had trouble
finding Harbour, their best striker, who was covered well.  Thus, they
went to break Coceira one up.

Davenport brought in Mohran.  They needed another striker up front,
since Harbour had to contend with close surveillance from up to three
defenders at a time.  But it was not a striker who scored for Davenport,
but a healthy-again midfielder Tzeng, who took advantage of a hole in
the Coceira defense, again paying more attention to Harbour.  Tzeng went
solo, and overpowered keeper Miroslav to equalize.

>From then on, the game went a little stale.  Both teams had given a lot
already.  Coceira tried to inject some energy by bringing in Kurvan in
the 67. minute, but the match remained rather calm.  The players were
generally tired.  The worse, after 90 minutes they were still tied, and
overtime was on!

The key advantage for Davenport really was that they still had one
substitutuion left over, and they brought in Martin at the beginning of
overtime.  He was able to do a lot of the necessary legwork for his
team, that eventually proved a decisive advantage.  Players were now
sidelined constantly with cramps, and a lot of ice spray made the
rounds!  Davenport was pretty much in control in overtime, and to their
great relief and joy, Springer scored after a free kick from Gaspe to
end the torturous marathon.  Coceira mounted one last challenge, but
again keeper Beliveau managed to deflect, and the corner was without

After the whistle, both teams more or less collapsed in exhaustion, and
it took Davenport a while to start the on-field celebrations.  In the
end, it was a matter of the more experienced and better conditioned team
prevailing, but Coceira certainly had their chances, and proved once
again that they could play with the very best.

Now all eyes are on the final, tomorrow.  The showdown between hosts
Dascunya, and the resurgent Knights of Christiana, who will be
especially motivated, as the King himself will be attending!