Official Game Statements:

Game 32  (DAS-CHR) 10-11-298

UNOFFICIAL - FCLR-Coceira U-21 (FINAL Commemoration Cup of the Free Confederacy):
IVEFA announces the results for todays FINAL match held at the
Commemoration Cup of the Free Confederacy, played Sunday, October 11,
298, in Gloria Libertatis:
The final result is FCLR 4, Coceira U-21 0

The Technical Information:

Final score: FCLR 4 - COCEIRA U-21 0
Played in: Gloria Libertatis, FCLR (Lendian National Arena), attendance:
Referee: Vaghel Faltuunhe (MOR)
Goals: Munies (FCLR, 4.), Martiano (FCLR, 41.), Linitencatoriel (FCLR,
53.), Cramero (FCLR, 71.)
Yellow cards: Slisch (FCLR, 15.),
Substitutions: Dalista for Martiano (FCLR, 45.), Ben for Candene (FCLR,
45.), Piotracek for Pastafan (COCU21, 45.), Jan Bomorave for Szaban

Match commentary:

No surprises today as FCLR cruises to comfortable victory!

Some of the confusion about the FCLR's performance in yesterday's game
against Morconia were answered today, as the FCLR never looked in danger
of losing the cup.  The confederates were back to their form from the
first game against Mosquitia, and in fact, the score was even the same.
The Coceiran Under-21 team, despite having some good moments, were
clearly out of their league today, perhaps also a little demotivated by
the loss of the Coceira senior squad against Davenport yesterday.

But in any event, nobody really expected anything other that a clear
Confederate victory today, and the FCLR did not disappoint.  Since the
match was clearly under control, they even experimented with the
substitute goalkeeper in the second half, Ben, who did a good job,
getting much needed play experience.  He was able to save the shutout of
Coceira U-21.  The FCLR team looked strong and well-organized, and can
be expected to perform well in the Vex Cup.  They will have to win
games, since they lost their opener to Sylvian in a sensational upset
earlier this year in Davenport.

Particular standouts in the FCLR team were striker Munies, midfield
virtuoso Linitencatoriel, and offensive defender Luande, who all three
turned in outstanding performances, and form the framework of the ever
improving FCLR team.

The FCLR thus takes the inaugural Commemoration Cup of the Free
Confederacy.  Is the Vexillium Cup next?

Game 32 - Dascunya-Christiana (FINAL Western Hemisphere Cup of Nations):

NOVEFA, in conjunction with WEHFFA, announces the results for todays
GRAND FINAL MATCH held at the inaugural Western
Hemisphere Cup of Nations, co-sanctioned by the WEHFFA and NOVEFA,
played Sunday, October 11, 298, in Danheim:
The final result is Dascunya 5, Christiana 1

The Technical Information:

Final score: DASCUNYA 5 - CHRISTIANA 1
Played in: Danheim, Dascunya (Golden Park), attendance: 109,700
Referee: Gilles Baptiste (Phenixia)
Goals: Decker (DAS, 7.), Marin (CHR, 19.), Diva (DAS, 40.), Trifade (DAS, 60.), Diva (DAS, 69., penalty), De la Cruz (DAS, 88.)
Yellow cards: Van Enerbad (DAS, 35.)
Substitutions: Creus for Grant (DAS, 29.), Nolan for Bolton (CHR, 35.), Klerency for Decker (DAS, 61.), Monaigh for Sullivan (CHR, 51.)

Match commentary:

Dascunya surpasses all expectations and wins the supreme championship of the Western Hemisphere!

Dascunya were the heavy pre-tournament favorites, and under a lot of pressure to win, as the home crowds expected no less than the Cup!

Christiana had some bad fortune and were plagued by injuries.  In warm-up today, star striker Harrison pulled a hamstring, and to the great alarm of the coach as well as the ever-present King, who had made the trip against his doctor's wishes, he had to be taken out of the game.  Then, later, midfield stalwart Bolton took a rough foul from Van Enerbad, who saw yellow for it, and had to be replaced by Nolan, who himself was nurturing a nagging injury to his elbow.  Later in the game, keeper Jorgensen took a hard hit, and was less than 100%.

But without excuses for the Knights, Dascunya was truly superb today, and every major chance they had almost translated into a goal.  It was one of those days where everything they did went right.  Carried away by the euphoria of the fanatic fans, team Dascunya just could not go wrong.

Superb performances by their superstars, Diva, who was already assured the top scorers title after Harrison's injury, Trifade, the architect, and Indiazan, the libero, as well as another flawless game by Leaman in the goal, produced the greatest triumph for Dascunya in modern soccer history.

Pychologically, Dascunya had the edge from the beginning, as the Knights were quite shocked by the incident with Harrison.  Although the King was present to spur Christiana on, there was also some concern about his safety and health, as he sometimes frantically ran up and down the sidelines, which was a nightmare for the secret security agents, trying to protect him.  Fortunately, extensive metal detector screening had been undertaken by the Dascunyan authorities before the match.  Under no circumstances was the security of the King going to be compromised.  Nobody expected His Majesty to be at the sidelines, however.  But he simply refused to sit in the VIP Skybox, which had been especially prepared for him.

Dascunya took the early lead, as Decker scored in just the 7. minute.  However, Christiana countered well, as Marin bombed a free kick past the defensive wall.  Leaman, whose vision was blocked, was without chance.
The crowd went wild as their hero Diva scored his 7th goal of the cup, after a corner was temporarily deflected by Padraig, straight to Diva's lethal left foot.

Christiana had held up well in the first half, and the King must surely have given them a good pep talk during the break.  However, Dascunya was just too strong today, and with the various injury issues, Christiana was done scoring today.  Instead, Dascunya took clear control.  Trifade widened the gap to 2 in the 60. minute after a pass from Indiazan, and in the 69. minute, it was clear that the game had been decided, after Diva stepped up to shoot a penalty that was called after Brigidson fouled Sancristobal right in front of the referee before the goal.
This was the icing on the cake for Diva, who did not miss this chance of increasing his triumph of the top scorer's title, and he shot his 8th goal!

At that point, Christiana knew the game was lost, heartbreakingly in front of their King, who means so much to the team, and vice versa, and who was still running the sidelines, yelling words of encouragement.  But it was all over.  Dascunya now cruised on, and added even another accent, as De la Cruz scored a fifth goal just minutes before the final whistle.  The fans had already begun celebrating after the penalty by Diva, and the game had to be stopped a few times due to fireworks flying onto the playing field.  Referee Baptiste of Phenixia did not add any time to the clearly decided game, and ended it on the second as the 90. minute came.  Then all hell broke lose!  The Dascunyan fans stormed the playing field, climbing the fences, to rejoice in triumph with their players, who were waving flags and their shirts in joy.  Fireworks were set off everywhere, and the noise was incredible!  Security forces had anticipated the fans on the field, and quickly formed a protective wall around the King, who then escorted his team off the field, arm-in-arm with some of the players, who were all visibly moved!  Meanwhile, the field belonged to Dascunya, the team, and the nation, and the celebrations were unseen before.  The players made the rounds with the cup, everybody was singing, it was an incredible sight!

Dascunya will now return to the Vexillium Cup, where they lost their first match against Armatirion.  With the sort of dominant performances we saw from them in this Cup, it certainly seems that despite the loss, they must still be considered heavy favorites.  The key game for them will no doubt be against Phenixia.  This game must be won, in order to keep the chance alive to advance.  If Dascunya plays like they did today, and indeed, throughout most of the WHCON, watch out, Vexillium!