Official Game Statements:

Games 228 and 229 TOM KOH TROPHY 299 in Eastern Zartania, 12-16-299:

Game 228: Eastern Zartania - Albion-Merité:
The Technical Information:

Played in: Imperial Navy Memorial Stadium, Claw Anchorage, KTZ
Attendance: 44,100
Referee: Greg Stoneley (FRW)
Goals: Fouberg (KTZ, 7.), McBride (KTZ, 19.), McBride (KTZ, 31.)
Yellow cards: Faulkner (KTZ, 12.), K. Jennings (ALB, 29.), Martyak (ALB, 56.)
Substitutions: Sproul for Martyak (ALB, 45.), Utz for Jennings (KTZ, 66.), Ayress
for Staton (KTZ, 66.)

Rather uneventful match ends with KTZ cruising to another 3-0 victory!
This match was once again by the books, with the underdog without chance this
time.  No doubt, Coach Delvana had seen the recorded match ALB-WMC, and made some
adjustments and given the right imprti to his team.  KTZ was in control from the
beginning, and scored early, without Alboin giving much resistance, or showing too
much counter-offensive.  With Hohenzoln missing from their lineup, the attack also
seemed to be missing the necessary sting.  KTZ played up a 3-0 advantage in the
first half, and just coasted through the second half, which was thus rather
boring.  Albion had some good moments in the last 10 minutes, as KTZ became a
little too relaxed, but could not get anything more out of it than a shot hitting
the crossbow, by Lenderval.

KTZ now looks good to win the TKT again, all they need is a tie with Westermarc
tomorrow to ensure the TKT stays in Eastern Zartania!

Game 228: Whitlam - Westermarc:

The Technical Information:

Final score: WHITLAM 1 - WESTERMARC 4
Played in: SF Memorial Stadium, Cazniev, KTZ
Attendance: 42,700
Referee: Barry Vassiliev (KTZ)
Goals: Kirin (WMC, 11.), Nikkei (WMC, 40.), Walford (WHI, 60.), Rasthanya (WMC,
70.), Ryoman (WMC, 88.)
Yellow cards: none
Substitutions: Al-Dhabi for Ouagadougu (WHI, 45.), Taylor for Parkin (WHI, 74.),
Ryoman for Fang (WMC, 76.)

Whitlam in a downward spiral, loses to the revitalized Westermarc team!
Westermarc kept their success string against Whitlam alive by winning this year's
meet as well as last year's, with Whitlam increasingly looking like a team in
crisis, so shortly before the Vexillium Cup.  The Dragons, only a short time ago
one of the top five teams, have now suffered a chain of defeats, although
admittedly against high-caliber opponents.  However, they are used to playing at
the highest levels, and must be bitterly disappinted, receiving FOUR goals like

Westermarc's unusual quickie-gamble by coach Chekkor apparently worked out, and
amazingly, all 4 goals for Westermarc were scored by the new additions to the
team!!  This win probably saved the coach's own skin, so a lot was riding on this
one.  A real revelation came in Kirin, the new midfield star, who at times
upstaged the superstar Cirrus.  Kirin scored the first one himself, and was in one
way or another involved in the other three goals as well.  Westermarc seemed to
have the spark that was missing in their recent disappointments, and Whitlam once
again was essentially an equal opponent, but again managed to lose by a
significant margin, a frustrating tandency which has become evident in their last
few games.  Ouagadougu could not convince in the midfield, probably Whitlam's
weakest link.  But even their world-famous defense today could not hold together
as previously, as the 4 goals by the Serpents show.  Westermarc keeps its hopes
alive for the trophy, but must beat Eastern Zartania tomorrow to win it, while the
Zartanians need only a draw.  Whitlam will face Albion in the consolation match
which will be for third place only, unless WMC loses high.  Let's hope Whitlam
will begin their climb back with a good victory over the underdogs tomorrow!

The TKT Standings after 2 rounds:

1. KTZ 2-0-0 6:0 +6 6
2. WMC 1-1-0 6:3 +3 4
3. ALB 0-1-1 2:5 -3 1
4. WHI 0-0-2 1:7 -6 0