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Hall of Champions:
Last updated: November 10, 301

300 Vexillium Cup Champions: Westria
299 Vexillium Cup Champions: Whitlam
298 Vexillium Cup Champions: Christiana
299 IVEFA Masters Champions: Eastern Zartania
Current IVEFA Titleholders: Westermarc
301 VexGames Gold Medalists: Draconia
300 VexGames Gold Medalists: Brolecia
299 VexGames Gold Medalists: Brolecia
300 Copa Vexanova Champions: Westria
299 Copa Vexanova Champions: Westria
300 Copa Burovia Champions: Westria
299 Copa Melania Champions: Brolecia
298 WHCON Champions: Dascunya
300 Tom Koh Trophy Champions: Whitlam
299 Tom Koh Trophy Campions: Eastern Zartania
298 Tom Koh Trophy Campions: Eastern Zartania
299 Smalik Shootout I Champions: Christiana
299 Smalik Shootout II Champions: Lendosan Federation
300 Realmscup Champions: Racing Club Montroy (WES)
301 Realmscup Champions: Omegans CFC Kimichouko (WMC)