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Other Competitions Sanctioned by IVEFA:
Major Continental Competitions:
The Western Hemisphere Cup of Nations (WHCON)
The premier crown of football supremacy in the Western Hemisphere.  Hosted by the WEHFFA (Western Hemisphere Federation of Football Associations), the successor of the LOCFEFA (Longerath Federation of Football Associations).  In 298, the WHCON was co-sanctioned by the NOVEFA, and a total of 14 teams participated in goup round-robin and elimination-type competition.  Visit the official WHCON Dascunya '98 site here.
The Copa Vexanova
The premier crown of football supremacy on the New Continents (Nova Vexillium).  Hosted by the NOVEFA (Nova Vexillium Football Association), very similar to the WHCON as goup round-robin and elimination-type competition.  The inaugural Copa Vexanova was played in 299, with finals in Ordland!
The Copa Melania
A quest for continental supremacy between the teams of Melania, the inaugural Copa included 6 teams overall, with Brolecia emerging as the 299 Champion.
The Old Continent Trophy
Since no continental federation has been founded for soccer on the Old Continent, currently there is no official continental championship.
Club Championship of Vexillium:
Plans exist for a Club Division of IVEFA to organize a Football Club Championship of Vexillium, where the best Clubs from the planet's domnestic leagues compete for the right to call themselves "best on the planet".  Details to be determined.
Continental Club Championships:
Similar to the Club Championship of Vexillium, this tourney boasts the best Club teams from domnestic leagues that each continent has to offer, to determine who is the best of each continent.  Details to be determined.
Major International Tournaments:
The IVEFA Masters
An annual invitation tournament hosted by the IVEFA, where top-ranked teams participate in elimination-style competition for the IVEFA Championship Title.  Inaugural event was played in Islandia in 299, with the champions, Eastern Zartania!
The VexGames Soccer Tournament
An elimination style soccer tournament in the framework of the VexGames, fully sanctioned by the IVEFA as well as the VexGames Committee, this tournament awards Gold, Silver, and Bronze Medals to the top performing teams.  Matches also count towards the Satosan Ranking.
Major Regional Tournaments:
The Commemoration Cup of the Free Confederacy
A regional tournament hosted by the Free Confederacy of Lendian Republics at the anniversary of the assemblage of the Free Republic of Lendia, the direct ancestor of the Free Confederacy of Lendian Republics.  Participating teams are the FCLR and its associated nations who have their own football federations - this competition is now defunct with the dimise of the FCLR.
The Smallwick Shootout:
A quick rapid-fire single elimination tournament open to any team on a first-come-first-serve basis.  Played on the continent Smallwick (Smalik).  The inaugural Shootout in March 299 featured 9 teams, with Vex Champs Christiana taking the title!
The Tom Koh Trophy
An annual competition between the four nations that emerged from former Terramarc:  Eastern Zartania, Whitlam, Westermarc, and Outermarc.  The inaugural tournament excludes Outermarc, whose independence was not fully attained at the time of the playing of the tournament.  The Trophy is named after the former President-for-Life of Greater Terramarc, Tom Koh.  The format is a round-robin, with the overall points leader declared the champion.  The champion gets to host the tourney the following year.