From the Mountians of Nuarmia, to the icy wastes of Glaciaria, from the rainforests of Smalik, to the deserts of Melania, from the coasts of Fiarria, to the peninsulas of Longerath, from the isles of Delgamia to the shores of the Old Continent - no other nation has the diversity and geographic reach as does the Westrian Realm, which stretches across all the continents of Vexillium, and features just about every imaginable form of landscape.  The following is a collage of photographs taken inside the Westrian Realm, a photographic journey through the lands Westrians and many other peoples call home.  Welcome to the Westrian Realm!  Enjoy your travels through our picture album!  (Click on a thumbnail image to view larger version, and then use your "Back" button to return to this page after viewing the image)
THE GREAT WESTRIAN CAPITAL - AURELIUS.  Panorama of the City with the Kjellsplaatz Monument (center), and, in the foreground, the National Grand Library, situated inside the Park of Westria.
THE WESTERMARC METROPOLIS - KIKIKIRA.  The skyline of the former capital of Terramarc, and now regional centerpoint of Westermarc, in all its glory, as seen from the recreational boating docks, shortly after sunset.
WESTRIA'S LARGEST CITY - MAYERANTRITZPOORT.  Westria's premier merchant and port of entry, and the largest Westrian city on the new continents, Mayerantritzpoort is a true marvel of modern architecture and urban planning.
THE MOST GLAMOUROUS CITY - MONTROY.  Playground of the rich and famous, the income tax-haven Montroy is also the premier center of international commerce, business, trade, and finance.  In the back, the Roy mountain towers over the city.
THE INTERNATIONAL CITY - SURINA.  This city full of history has always been a crossroads of cultures, and still is today, with its many conference centers and international organizations, as well as the Secondary UNV Headquarters (left center).
CITY ON THE CISGRONKIAN - BELLA FRONTERITZ.  A popular recreational destination, it is also host to Westria's largest Naval Deployment Station.  Shown in the picture is the central bay area, looking south.
OLD MEETS NEW - LENSINGH.  The ancient city of Lensingh (Nasmar) is one of contrast, as ancient edifices stand side-by-side with modern skyscrapers.  The city wall is over 600 years old, and separates the city from the rolling croplands.
BOOMTOWN ON THE DAIKAWA - KIMICHOUKO.  By far the fastest growing city on the Old Continent, Kimichouko is projected to surpass Kikikira as the largest city of the Westrian Realm in as little as eight years.
TWIN CITY - OVERBABEN.  A little girl overlooks a suburb of the city of Overbaben, one of the two Twin cities, Baben and Overbaben, populated by Westrians 94%, and on time-limited  lease from Northern Gronk.
ISLAND METROPOLIS - SEMPREMPE.  The important hub in the Hum Islands (Westrian Lombriga) has flourished and prospered even more since the takeover by the BWA, and has quickly become a jewel in the Westrian Realm's Crown.
SLOPES OF FINE TEAS - ALTA ADDISI.  The Addisian Mountians form the picturesqe backdrop for this tea plantation in the fragrant valley, somewhere in central Alta Addisi.
HIGH ALTITUDE AUTUMN COLORS - ALTANYIKA.  Far up in the Kirvani Mountain Range Plateaus, but on the Altanyikan side, the autumn show of colors is spectacular.  The Piz Kirvan towers in the back.
COASTAL MARSHES - PALLADIUM.  The artistic state also has plenty of natural beauty to offer, as seen here in the brackish waters far from the cultural high life of Palladium City.
GRAIN CHAMBER OF THE REALM - COLIBRISTAN.  The rich and fertile plains and valleys of Colibristan play an invaluable role in growing the crops needed by our growing population.  This picture taken 50 miles from Vaardrecht.
WINTER BLOOMS - DIH PEIH.  The Dih Peih coastline, with the Winter Daffy in full bloom.  Dih Peih (Westermarc)  is well known for its year-round displays of natural wild flowers, some of which are very exotic looking.
BIRCH FORESTS FOR SPIRITUALITY - CRUXSYLVANIA.  The unique birch forests found in the higher altitudes of Cruxsylvania, not far from the spiritual center of Cruxton, are an unusual and awesome sight.
LAND OF TRANQUILITY - SHINDA.  The vast and beautiful lands of Shinda (Westermarc), a refuge for many interesting animal and plant species.  35% of Shinda is a declared pristine nature preservation area.
SALTY WASTELANDS - DEUCOSTAN.  The Great Salt Plains of Deucostan are a rather unique natural phenomenon, the causes of which have not been fully determined. 
THERMAL SPRINGS - LOCH AINSLEY.  The thermal qualities of Loch Ainsley in Berarch (Ras Lanarch) make it a premier location for bath therapy and treatments.  The loch's temperature is constant at 54 degrees.
TRIBAL ABODE AMONGST PALMS - GECKO GICKO.  This quaint Kongren dwelling is a typical example of the traditional Kongren way of living, still found primarily in the "Independent Republic" Gecko Gicko.
SUNRISE OVER THE ICY WASTE - GLACIARIA.  The sun rises barely over the horizon during the course of a mere 4-hour day, seen here from the scientific station "Vinzenz II", an outpost of research in Westrian Glaciaria.
SUNSET AT THE TIP - HUM ISLANDS.  The sun sets over the Dark Sea, as seen from the northernmost tip of the Hum Islands (Westrian Lombriga), a large part of which is a maritime life preservation area.
BLUE ICE - INGEBORG ISLANDS.  The beauty and uniqueness of these islands is truly remarkable, despite their hostile climate, which makes habitation a real adventure in constant struggle with the elements.
STEAMING RAINFOREST - KAMARAK.  Not far from the space launch facilities, most of the interior of the Prefecture Kamarak (Westian Lombriga) is dense virgin rain forest, a big part of the "lungs" of Vexillium.
MOUNTAINS GALORE - KIRVANI.  The most spectacular mountains of Vexillium are also by lengths the best skiing slopes on the planet - this photo makes it easy to see why Kirvani is one of the top vacation destinations on the planet.
TEMPERATE STEPPE - NIOKOLO KOBA.  The rather arid but temperate steppes of Niokolo Koba are host to a variety of interesting wildlife, as well as very rich in natural resources, such as Copper, Gold, Magnesium, and Oilgas.
SPECTACULAR MASSIVE - MESODEVONIA.  Foreboding of the great nearby Kirvani Range, the foothill system of Mesodevonia is one of the most interesting geological formations on Vexillium.
WIDE OPEN ROLLING HILLS - NASMAR.  Locals are seen frolicking on the hilly plateaus of Nasmar (Westermarc), a rich fertile area, but amazingly devoid of any trees or higher brush vegetation.
MORE ROLLING HILLS - OMISEN.  Similar to the hilly plateaus of Nasmar, Omisen (Westermarc) is also a prime hiking, biking, and fishing destination, a tranquil get-away escape from the nearby bustling metropolitan areas.
DESERT DUNES - OOST-OTAGO.  Part of the Great Welfenian Desert, one of the rare desert enironments of Vexillium, the interior of Oost-Otago is a wild yet beautiful place, with temperatures seldom dropping below 40 degrees during the day.
TROPICAL CLIFFS - OVERROY.  The tropical coastline of Overroy dramatically drops off into Colibri Sound, where erosion over thousands of years has created the unique rock formations seen in this picture.
INSPIRATION FOR THE CREATIVE MIND - PALLADIUM PROMENADE.  Watching the sunset from the downtown promenade of Palladium City must have inspired many an artist and musician in this great city of creativity.
WHITE SAND BEACHES - SALAMINI.  The awesome white sand beaches of Salamini are famous on Vexillium - no wonder that the island is the center of beach and surf culture on the planet!
FARAWAY PENINSULA - SANX.  The tranquil and little developed overseas dependency has become an important trade and shipping post for the Westrian Realm on the continent Longerath.
THE ETERNAL GLACIERS - SEEPAEYGUEY.  The beauty of the Seepaeyguey Mountain Range on the borders with Whitlam and Northern Gronk is unmatched on Vexillium.  The best extreme mountaineering on the planet!
SHORELINES ON THE CISGRONKIAN OCEAN - SURIN PENINSULA.  These historic shores have seen many a battle and civilization, and have been the settling place for exiled Westrians for many centuries.
THICK LUSH VIRGIN FORESTS - TERRANSK.  About 90% of the overall land area of the State of Terransk has been declared a pristine natural preserve area to protect the rich thousand-year-old virgin forests found there.
VACATION PARADISE - TUAFF ISLANDS.  The place everybody wants to go for vacation, Tuaff is the storybook tropical paradise, with its white sand beaches, clearest waters, and tropical flowers and palms!
SOUTHERN TIP - URSULAN.  Overlooking the Great Southern Ocean from high atop the coastal cliff, Ursulan's coastline is just another one of the fabulous oceanfront territories of the Realm.
KONGREN HOMELANDS - VESTA.  In the heart of the lands of the Kongren People, the picture shows a view of the Island Vestamini, looking out into the Cisgronkian.
MOST SPECTACULAR SUNSETS - WESTERN EXAMINI.  The unusual offshore Sulphur springs create the unique atmospheric conditions that result in the awesome sunsets that give the state its nickname - Sundowne.
THE ULTIMATE SCENIC DRIVE - WESTVAAL.  People never mind taking the long way home to be able to reive right along this stretch of beautiful coastal vistas between Ölingen and Achtroysenfuurt.
FOGGY OUTPOST OFF FIARRIA - WINDBRACH ISLANDS.  A lone lighthouse sits far from civilization on the tips of the Windbrach Islands (Ras Lanarch) in the morning mists of the ocean.
SOUTH OF THE BORDER - ZUIDVAAL.  Although not as awesome as the other members of the Kirvani Range, the Zuidvaal mountains offer their own charm, and feature many rare protected species of flowers.
ANCIENT MONUMENTS - CHIMNIYA.  This ancient pavillion in Chimniya (Westermarc) is estimated to be over 500 years old.  It is just one of the many interesting old buildings and ruins of the region.
THE CENTER OF IT ALL - BWA HQ.  The famed BWA Headquarters Building in Federality (a suburb of Aurelius, where all government offices are located) is where most official BWA business takes place.  The heartbeat of the Realm!
THE LIBERATION MONUMENT - KIKIKIRA.  This awesome architectural masterpiece commemorates the liberation of Westermarc through the BWA from the Koh regime, in June 298.
TOM-KOH-RESIDENCE - OUTSIDE KIKIKIRA.  A reminder of the opulent and self-indulgent lifestyle of the "President-For-Life" Tom Koh, his former palace today is a museum and tourist attraction.