SANX 301 - The Games of the Winter Vexilliad (VexGames)

The Venues:
Our new International Airport is located centrally near the city of Nixdorf.

Andersen Ice Rink in Sanxver
Hexendrup Arena in Sanxaver
Vexilliad Oval in Sanxaver
Snowboarding and Freestyle Skiing at Hansie Hill, Northern Sanx
Majestic Sim Mons, venue of all Alpine Skiing events
Ataragnitza Ski Jump Stadium in Nixdorf
The awesome Hermann Klescher Bahn in Nixdorf, site of all Bobsled, Luge, and Skeleton events
The Jännersbrugge in Hrexall, site of all Curling competition
Cross-country and biathlon competitions at Hohe Heyde in Nixdorf
Snowmobiling at Mayer's Field, Drupskoopen, Dogsledding circuit through Southern Sanx,
and Downhill Sledding at Hansie Hill in Northern Sanx
Hrexall Municipal Ice Arena in Hrexall, Ice Hockey site
Yukigassen competition at Schneyfeldt in Hrexall
The Media Center and the Vexilliad Village of Athletes, both in Nixdorf