SANX 301 - The Games of the Winter Vexilliad (VexGames)

Welcome to SANX 301!
We, the organizers of the Games of the Winter Vexilliad in Sanx wish to welcome you to this historic event - the first ever Winter VexGames! 

After the catastrophic failures of the only two previous VexGames - Morania City 299 and Liston 300 - it is safe to say that Sanx 301 will go down in history as the GREATEST VexGames EVER!   

With pride, we present to you our beautiful and rugged peninsula of Sanx, the perfect setting with a historical tie to winter sports.  Sanx may be a small place on the Vexillium map of nations, but we can assure you all that our hearts are big, and that we are ready to welcome the planet to our beautiful peninsula, and to treat all athletes and guests like royalty.  Sanx (and really the Western Hemisphere in general) have not enjoyed many major international sporting events in the recent future, therefore, the Winter Vexilliad means a LOT to us... simply put, it is be the biggest thing that ever happened to our small Dominion, in terms of sports, and major international exposure.   

In preparation for this event, we have made major upgrades to our already excellent facilities, so we may be a worthy host to the Vexillium community of peaceful nations, competing at the top levels of winter sports.  We hope you will all enjoy these Games, and, indeed, your stay in Sanx! 
Many thanks to all our supporters and sponsors, and to all participating nations, as well as our partners in Port Marie, who will host the Alpine skiing events. 

This time, VexGames fans, you shall not be disappointed again!! 

With great respects: 
Xaver Orserson, Chair 
Sanx 301 Committee 
February 20, 301