The Flag of the Anschluß,
and future flag of Westrian Deucoland
The "Anschluß Treaty"
 Between Westria and Deucoland:
Following a popular referendum in Deucoland, in which the people of Deucoland have voted by a convincing majority of 57.5% to join Deucoland to the Free Nation of Westria, as a fully integrated part, and under the administration of the Bureau of Westrian Affaires (BWA), the BWA and the legitimate leaders of Deucoland, the Deucoland Resistance, have reached the following agreement, signed as the document below, known as the "Anschluß Treaty":

Article 1:
Deucoland will become a full integrated part of Westria, under the governmental administration of the BWA, which will have jurisdiction over all territory, diplomacy, economy, legal and social aspects of the region.  Deucoland will  be known as "Westrian Deucoland", or "Southern Westria"

Article 2:
Deucoland will cease to exist as a sovereign nation with its own government.  The Deucoland Resistance will dissolve, and all Deuco territory and population will become part of Westria.  All citizens of Deucoland will be given Westrian BWA passports, which will replace their Deucoland passports.  All Deucoland passports will become invalid January 1, 299.  The BWA will assume governmental jurisdiction.  The Westrian military and border partol will assume control of all land and sea areas belonging to Deucoland, and establish bases as deemed necessary for defense purposes.  Deuco soil will become Westrian soil, and the Westrian Defence Forces will provide protection from possible future attacks, especially from Djeriga.  People of Deuco origins will be able to join the Westrian Defence Forces at their free will.  Westria will commit itself to increase its defence budget in order to expand the Westrian Defence Forces, to meet the needs of the additional territory.

Article 3:
Deucoland will be organized into states and provinces according to local historical boundaries, as well as BWA cartographer's recommendations.  States and provinces of Deucoland will have the same status as the states and provinces of Westria and Westermarc, and be represented equally in the Westrian parliament.

Article 4:
The BWA will appoint former Deucoland Resistance leaders Claus Ara and Pedro Maria Krank special Ministers for Deuco Affaires.  Their full-time purpose in the BWA will be to represent the interests of the Deuco minority in post-Anschluß Westria.

Article 5:
The BWA will commit itself to appropriating funds for the preservation and cultivation of the Deuco culture, language, symbols, and way of life.  Deuco people will be not only allowed, but encouraged to engage in activities that follow their heritage.  In no way shall any Deuco person be disadvantaged, prosecuted, harassed, or in any other way inconvenienced while or because of engaging in activities relating to their Deuco heritage.  People of Deuco heritage will have the very same rights as people of Westrian and all other heritages, who are citizens of Westria, and hold a BWA passport.  Deuco schools and Universities will remain using the Deuco language, as will public offices and other important installations.  The BWA will aim to appoint indigenous population for local tasks, and the Deuco people will be voting for their own representatives to public offices.

Article 6:
The boundaries of Nuarmian Westrian lands will extend as shown on the below map after the execution of this treaty (area shown in orange):

Article 7:
The BWA will call for another democratic referendum of all Deuco people in one year's time to determine whether or not it is still the will of the majority of Deuco people to remain as a part of Westria.  Should the referendum exhibit evidence that the Deuco people seek autonomy from Westria, the BWA will re-evaluate the status of Westrian Deucoland, and may gant all or some portions thereof independence at that time.

Article 8:
Westria will utilize, yet not exploit, the rich natural resources of Deucoland.  The Deuco people can be assured of great wealth shared from joint endeavours with Westrian industry and commerce, especially the suspected giant oil reserves off the Deuco coast.  Deuco economy is encouraged to grow and prosper.  The BWA will commit a substantial economic aid package to the rebuilding of the industry, commerce, and economic structure of Deucoland.  Deucoland will change its currency to the Westrian Zaster.  Westria will also apply itself to besettling and developing the almost entirely unpopulated and unutilized northern regions of Deucoland, previously known as the "Outer Territories".

 * * *
 This Treaty is signed and sealed this 21st of December, 298, in the City of Mayerantrizpoort, Westvaal, Westria, in the presence of the High Officers of the BWA, and the Supreme Deucoland Resistance Leaders:
Lourdes Raqueli, President of Westria
Pedro Maria Krank, Deucoland Resistance Leader
Ratified by the Official Seal of the BWA