The Oost-Otago Land Purchase:
Following an invitation by the Trade and Development Corporation, the public company whose stockholders own the territory of Otago on Melania, the Bureau of Westrian Affaires (BWA) approached TDCorp to inquire about the possibility of a major land purchase agreement.  TDCorp agreed to sell a very large territory, the largest ever to trade hands via purchase, to the Free Nation of Westria.  The following document describes the terms and conditions of the purchase:
The conditions of the transaction are as follows:

1.) The territory in question is purchased by Westria, and becomes a fully integrated part of sovereign Westria, under the rule of the BWA.  The purchase is permanent, non-revokable, and fee simple.

2.) TDCorp withdraws all claims and jurisdiction to the territory, besides any mutually negotiated in any additional, but seperate, transactions.

3.) TDCorp will continue to provide communications, such as TDNet, in the area, in collaboration with various Westrian corporations, such as, for example, BellWestria.

4.) The BWA will decline the right to become a shareholder in TDCorp, and instead re-invest the shares as part of the purchase price.

5.) Current tennants of the territory have the choice of relocating, or remaining as resident aliens on Westrian soil.  Westrian citizenship may be available to qualifying and desirious tennants.

6.) Westria will develop and settle the area, predominantly with Westrian citizens.  Westrian businesses and manufacturers will establish various large-scale business and industry endeavours in the territory. Westria will expand the existing port of Tepizcoloyo to international standards, and incorporate the exisitng international airport into theWestrian airport system.  The city of Tepizcoloyo may be renamed in the future, and will expand further.  Additional cities may be built.

7.) TDCorp and Westria will co-ordinate land transportation and communications connections to mutual benefit.


9.) The territory purchased shall be known as "Oost-Otago" (East Otago) from the execution of this purchase contract.

10.) The boundaries of the territory purchased are as shown (in blue, labeled "Oost-Otago") on the below schematic map (map is a modification of the map on the official TDCorp web site):


Since Westrian national liquidity is not as good as desired at the moment of the execution of this contract, due to the expensive reconstruction work in Westrian Deucoland, Westria offers payment in valuable natural resources and technologies that will essentially triple TDCorp's production potential in many subject areas.  Westria, and all its possessions, especially newly annexed Deucoland, are very rich in natural resources, something that is somewhat lacking in the size-limited territory of Otago.  It makes sense to utilize the Deuco resources in return for the reconstrction work that is being done in that region, which is the cause for limited liquid resources in the first place.  As further part of the purchase, Westria will commit itself to beginning several large-scale development and business ventures in collaboration with TDCorp, in various locations around Vexillium, cartainly including the purchased territory.

Payment is to be made by Westria primarily through delivery of natural resources, such as Oil, Diamonds, Uranium, Manganese, as well as machinery (such as airplanes, automobiles and heavy construction equipment) and technology/electronics (such as computers, consumer electronics, and robotics).  The purchase amount is undisclosed to the public.  The Westrian government is working closely together with most all the largest industrial conglomerates of Westria, who all have a great vested interest in this purchase.

This transaction is the largest land purchase ever on the planet Vexillium, and therefore a rather significant
historic event.  Westria's reasons for the purchase are that the territory will allow it to establish an important trade post on the east coasts of the new continents, giving it a permanent station to conduct trade and business with the continents of Longerath and Smalik, while at the same time allowing various Westrian businesses to take advantage of the offshore manufaturing, pricing and labor law advantages, and other industry opportunities a removed territory such as this provides, especially adjacent to such important business and commerce centers as TDCorp Territory Capital Chilangotitlan, Wang Chung, and the also nearby Kalesthesian capital city of Joannina.
The Westrian Academy of Maps and Flags (WAMF) has prepared a  flag for Oost-Otago.

The ochre color represents the dry desert-like lands of the interior, which are similar to the landscape of adjacent Wwww.  The Sun symbol signifies the hot and usually cloudless climate, and is a symbol which has been in use by indigenous peoples for decades.

This purchase agreement is signed this 14th of January, 299, in Chilangotitlan:

For TDCorp:

Juan A. López
Customer Service Vicepresident
BWA Account
For the Free Nation of Westria:

Aaron Katzenshvanz
Westrian Minister of Economy

* * *