The "Karl-Heinz Von und Zu Otto-Swap":

The Overseas Traders' Guild (OTG) of Maryport has acquired a number of seaports (some small, some medium sized) and adjoining areas. The Guild wants to exchange some of these areas for similar areas in other countries. The swapped areas can either stay with their current country or change nationality to their new owner-country's.

Three areas belonging to the Overseas Traders' Guild are designated as potential for swapping. The areas each have 10000-30000 inhabitants, mostly of mixed origin. They also have medium sized harbors.

The BWA and the Royal Government of Eastern Zartania have decided to respond to the offer by the OTG with a joint proposal, that allocates some prime oceanfront territory in Westermarc in exchange for two small areas owned by the OTG:  the areas designated in the below map will change to Westrian and Eastern Zartanian ownership, respectively, with Maryport giving up all rights and sovereignty over the territories:

Notably, a large portion of Westrian exile population is already living in Kap Morgenmad, which was a prime consideration of the BWA in choosing that particular land parcel over the other two.
In return, the territory indicated in the below map, which is equal or greater in area than the combination of Kap Morgenmad and Haddock Cove, will change ownership to Maryport, with the BWA/Westria giving up all rights and sovereignty over the territory:
Maryport, Westria, and Eastern Zartania agree on this trade of lands as a means of significantly expanding their Vexillium-wide trade interests.  For each of these nations, the new overseas colony will serve as an important hub for commerce, shipping, diplomacy, trade, and manufacturing, as a home away from home, a supply station and port.
Conditions of the trade:
1.) The trade is permanent and irreversible, unless agreed upon by all three parties.

2.) Borders of the territories are as shown on above maps.  All borders will be re-surveyed as more detailed maps of the individual territories are compiled.

3.) In the event of the demise of the Mercantile Republic of Maryport, Kap Morgenmad and Haddock Cove will remain under Westrian and Eastern Zartanian sovereignty, respectively , while Marymarc will revert to Westrian rule.

4.) In the event of the demise of the Free Nation of Westria, Marymarc will remain under Maryport sovereignty, and Kap Morgenmad will change to Eastern Zartanian rule.

5.) In the event of the demise of the Kingdom of Eastern Zartania, Marymarc will remain under Maryport sovereignty, while Haddock Cove will change to Westrian rule.

6.) All parties are free to change the names of their acquired territories as they wish.

7.) All parties will establish a link from their respective web pages to this page for easy reference

8.) This land swap treaty will become effective Monday, January 8, 299, at 12:00 hours Maryport time.  At that moment, ownership of the indicated territories will change hands as described above.

The signatories of the agreement:

For the Overseas Traders' Guild of Maryport:

Karl-Heinz Von und Zu Otto
Bailiff of Stetsonia
On behalf of The Overseas Traders' Guild of Maryport

For the Free Nation of Westria, and the BWA:

Lourdes Raqueli
President of the Free Nation of Westria

For the Kingdom of Eastern Zartania:

HRM, Bruno II vun Q'Leist
King of Eastern Zartania

Signed in Imperial City, Eastern Zartania, this 7th of January, 299.

* * *