Angliyaa            Westriyaa        Westrian Realm
Between the State of Angliyaa and the BWA/Westrian Realm
Historical Background:
Upon the triumphant return of Prime Minister Alex Smith and his associates to Angliyaa, after his exile in Eastern Zartania, he vowed to bring reform and changes to his nation, which is home to many different ethnic groups.  Smith committed himself to serving the interests of all the different populations of the great State of Angliyaa, and to support democratic referenda throughout the country to determine what the will of the people was, and to allow them self-government, if so desired, in a peaceful and supporting manner that would reconciliate the historically war-torn area, and leave all the peoples living together in freedom and friendly neighborhood, as opposed to under suppression, anger, and civil uprising.
The issues of Westrians living in the southwestern parts of Angliyaa, a region colloquially known amongst locals and amongst the Westrian populations around Vexillium as "Westriyaa", is one the BWA has been long attempting to resolve with the government of Angliyaa.  Westrians have been living in the majority in Westriyaa for many centuries, and it is firmly believed by many prominent Westrian historians that the territory is actually the origin of the Westrian people before the exodus occurred.  Other, equally prominent historians are fervently opposed to the same theory.  In any event, remains the fact that Westrians have lived here for centuries, and in great numbers, exceeding 17 million!
Ever since the inception of the BWA in 275, the organization had been making serious attempts to work with the local Angliyaan government to ensure the rights of the large number of Westrians in the region are respected.  Unfortunately, and sadly for the BWA and the 17 million Westrians in Westriyaa, the Smith government continually ignored any attempts at beginning talks and possibly finding a solution.  To further frustrate the BWA, it was not even acknowledged that there even WAS a Westrian population within the bounds of the State of Angliyaa - 17 million people were "officially" stripped of their identity and national roots, and were referred to in the official censuses as "Southern Tribes".
Then came the revolution!  While revolutionary leader Nelson DaSilva was in power, there was a first glimpse of hope for the Westriyaans, as at least he acknowledged that Westrians indeed EXIST inside Angliyaa, or rather, what was then renamed to "Jannaton".  However, as the election, which was staged as democratic, brought to power another dictator, the notorious hard-liner Nathalie Zoghbi, the policy again turned for the worse for Westriyaa:  Zoghbi maintained a bogus claim that stated that Westrians are in fact Southern Angliyaans that had moved from that area.  This claim was certainly false, as there is no kinship whatsoever between the Westrian people and the various ethnicities of Angliyaa/Jannaton, with little possible exceptions.  Westrian historians for the first time agreed on the same thing, and that was that this claim is false, and an effort to further subdue the efforts of the BWA to implement the rights and freedoms of the suppressed Westrian population there.
After the counter-revolution, in which the Jannati movement was defeated, and the return of the exiled Prime Minister Alex Smith , with the subsequent re-establishment of the old government regime, there appeared to be a change of heart by the Angliyaan leadership, who had during exile grown more sensitive to the needs of the inhabitants of its nation.  After renewed inquiries by the BWA, meanwhile a successful agency managing over 100 million citizens worldwide, a remorseful Alex Smith decided to undo the injustice he had done in the past, and to acknowledge the efforts of the BWA which he had previously ignored.  On June 9, 299, the BWA and the government of the State of Angliyaa agreed on and signed a truly remarkable and  historic treaty that made the dream of the 17 million Westrians in Westriyaa come true: to incorporate Westriyaa into the Westrian Realm under the leadership of the BWA!
Terms of the Treaty:
- The territory known as "Westriyaa", as delineated on the above map, shall be transferred into the sovereignty of the Westrian Realm under the leadership of the Bureau of Westrian Affaires (BWA) beginning one minute after midnight on June 10, 299.  Borders of the territory are as shown on the above map.  All borders will be re-surveyed as more detailed maps of the individual territories are compiled.
- The State of Angliyaa renounces all claims and sovereignty over said territory and recognizes Westriyaa as being a sovereign part of the Westrian Realm.  This land transaction is irreversible, fee simple, and valid in perpetuity, irrespective of any regional events that may occur.  The BWA will assume governmental jurisdiction.  The Westrian military and border patrols will assume control of all land and sea areas inside the treaty territory and territorial waters, and establish bases as deemed necessary for defense purposes.  Westriyaan soil will become Westrian soil, and the Westrian Defense Forces will provide protection from any possible future attacks.
- All ethnic Westrians living in Westriyaa will, if they so desire, be issued BWA passports, and become formal Westrian citizens.  They may, also at their own discretion, elect to keep their Angliyaan citizenship as a dual nationality.  Any resident, Westrian or otherwise, who elects not to obtain a BWA passport will be granted permanent residency status for life.  Non-Westrians wanting to obtain a BWA passport may do so after undergoing the customary immigration procedures laid down by the Westrian Immigration Act of 298.
- Angliyaan citizens are allowed visaless access to all parts of Westriyaa by air, sea, or surface transportation.  Angliyaa and Westria will co-ordinate land transportation and communications connections to mutual benefit.
- Westriyaa will be organized into states and provinces according to local historical boundaries, as well as BWA cartographer's recommendations.  States and provinces of Westriyaa will have the same status as the states and provinces of Westria and Westermarc, and as Westrian Lombriga, and be represented equally in the Westrian parliament.
This treaty is signed and sealed this 9th of June, 299, in the capital city of Angliyaa, Lagod:
For the State of Angliyaa:

Alex Smith
Prime Minister of the State of Angliyaa

For the Free Nation of Westria, and the BWA:

Lourdes Raqueli
President of the Free Nation of Westria


 In gratitude for his immeasurable contributions to the Westrian people of Westriyaa, the BWA awards Prime Minister Alex Smith of Angliyaa the highest honor the Westrian Realm has to offer:  The Cross Of Westria!  Only two have been awarded thus far, and Alex Smith joins the illustrious company of the great statesmen, President of Armatirion, Kjell Roll Elgsaas, and the King of Christiana, HM Edward II.  A presentation of the Cross Of Westria is shown below:
Hail to the great benefactor and humanitarian who made this historical event of peace and friendship possible!
Hail to Prime Minister Alex Smith!