ImagiNations XXXVII
The Planet Maxillium
(An ImagiNary ImagiNations Planet ;-)
(Current Map)

Chief Cartographer's Note: this map shows the planet before civilization:

I was playing with the idea of beginning an ImagiNations franchise, but all things considered, I think I am already spending WAY too much time on ImagiNations just running Westria and soccer ;-) !!  So that project is on hold for now - but I had already done a pretty neat planet...and what better name for "my" planet, than MAXILLIUM ;-)  I used a modified projection, because it just seems that the distortion gets too big at the edges of the other planets, and the countries located there really suffer from skewing.  I think with this projection, it is still possible to show a workable map for nations "on the edge" ;-)  As you can see, I did a "test run" of nations!  ;-)
Anyways, any comments are welcome.  Cheers.



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This page last modified on September 16, 1998.
PlanetMaster: Maximilian T. H. Suchy.
Chief Cartographer: Maximilian T. H. Suchy