Between the State of Angliyaa, the Republica Ensolelhada, and the BWA/Westrian Realm
1.) This Treaty amends the Westriyaa Treaty between the State of Angliyaa and the BWA/Westrian Realm.
2.) Respecting the Solelhadan population living in the Southern Angliyaan region, especially in the city of Aigador du Nord, and along the southeastern coastline of Angliyaa (known to Solelhadans as "Sa Costa", the three land-holding entities of the region, Angliyaa, Westria/BWA, and Solelhada, have arrived at a mutually agreeable shift of boundaries that is more representative of the ethnic composition of the region, and that allows each ethnic group to join with their respective national entity.
3.) The city of Aigdor du Nord and immediate surrounds is transferred from Westrian Realm sovereignty to Solelhadan sovereignty.  Subsequently, the southern coastline previousy sovereign to Solelhada, but mostly populated by Westrians, is transferred to Westrian Realm sovereignty.

4.) The rest of the boundary along the 10th parallel west between Westriyaa and Solelhada remains as previoulsy shown on the maps of the Central Cartographic Authority.

5.) Solelhada and Angliyaa have agreed upon a new delineation of common boundaries for the area known as "Sa Costa", as shown on the enclosed treaty map, settling an ongoing border controversy once and for all.

6.) All three signatory nations recognize the sovereignty of the territories transferred as described in this treaty text and map, and renounce any claims or ownership of the territories that were transferred from their ownership to that of another signatory nation.  All three signatories agree that these shall be the boundaries from this point onwards in perpetuity.
This treaty is signed and sealed this 11th of June, 299, in the city of Aigador du Nord:
For the Republica Ensolelhada:

Pèire Vidal
Minister of Foreign Affairs

For the State of Angliyaa:

Alex Smith
Prime Minister of the State of Angliyaa

For the Free Nation of Westria, and the BWA:

Lourdes Raqueli
President of the Free Nation of Westria