to the cyber-planet Vexillium, of "ImagiNations".  ImagiNations is a web-based planetary game invented by Edward Mooney, Jr.,  that allows you to create your own country on an imaginary planet.

It particularly impresses with its degree of realism and interaction - currently there are well over 30 "rulers" from all over the (real) planet, with their own countries, flags, maps, diplomacy, conflicts, alliances, etc., etc. - we are even organizing sporting competitions between the different nations!

Everybody is welcome to visit, and if you are interested, you may be able to join in the game - create your own nation in the game, and interact with the other rulers on the cyber-planet Vexillium!!  If you like board, play-by-mail, diplomacy, role-playing, or interactive fiction games, you should check this out!  If you are interested in micronations, come see our planet!!

Vexillium Links: 

Technical Pages:

ImagiNations Game Page
ImagiNations Vexillium Game Page
ImagiNations Vexillium Visit Page
ImagiNations Vexillium Maps Page
ImagiNations Vexillium Links Page
ImagiNations Vexillium Yahoogroup E-List
ImagiNations Vexillium SPORTS Yahoogroup E-List

ImagiNations Vexillium Yahoogroup E-List Message Attachment Archives


International Organizations' Pages:

United Nations of Vexillium (UNV)
United Nations of Vexillum Committee on Collapsed Nations (UNVCOCN)
United Nations of Vexillium Aviation Convention (UNVAC)
Association of Neutral Nations on Vexillium (ANNV)
International Trade Council of Vexillium (ITCV)
League of Old Continent Nations (LOCN)
Assembly for Peace in the Western Hemisphere (APWH)
Melanian Sea Treaty Organization (MESTO)
Free Confederate Community (FCC)
Organization for Mutual Aid and Cooperation (OMAC)
Council of the Isles of the Meridic Ocean (CIMO)
International Amnesty
Geographic Society of Vexillium

Sports Pages:

>>> ImagiNations Vexillium SPORTS eGroups E-List <<<

Soccer (Football):

THE VEXILLIUM CUP Nuropia'00 (Official by IVEFA)
International Vexillium Football Association (IVEFA)
Pan-Burovian Soccer Union (PBSU)
UOCFA Old Continent Tournament 300
The Copa Vexanova Ordland '99 (official site)
IVEFA Masters Islandia '99 (official site)
The Copa Melania '99 (official site)
Tom Koh Trophy '98 (Official)
Soccer Links of Vexillium
Nova Vexillium Football Association (NOVEFA)
Western Hemisphere Federation of Football-Associations (WEHFFA)
Western Hemisphere Cup of Nations - Soccer (by NOVEFA)
The Schnysna Superiorship (Westrian Soccer League) - Season 299/300
The Schnysna Superiorship (Nuropian Soccer League) - Season 300/301
Westermarc Football Leagues/Satosan Supremeship - Season 300/301
The Holy Imperial Championship (Namuria)


Lamb's Cove Baseball League
Super League Baseball (Westria and Westermarc)


International Automobile Federation (IAF) - Formula 1 Racing
ICARA - International Championship Auto Racing Association (Open Wheel Racing)
AS2 Chafouloumihdo Racing Engineering (Eastern Delgamia) Home Page
Eastern Zartanian Stock Car Racing Association Homepage (RZOEAZ)
Westrian Stock Car Entries in the RZOEAZ (Auto Racing)
Westrian/IWK Formula Racing Entries (Formula 1 Racing)


International VexGames Committee
The First Official VexGames in Morania
Seepaeyguey 302 - Winning Bid to host the 302 Winter VexGames
Santa Maria 302 - Losing Bid to host the 302 Winter VexGames
Luka 301 - Losing Bid host the 301 Summer VexGames
Lynne/Myo Beach 301 - Winning Bid to host the 301 Summer VexGames
Sanx 301 - Winning Bid to host the 301 Winter VexGames
Liston 300 - Bid to host the VexGames in 300
Official Home Page of the WES/WMC Teams in VexGames'99

Ice Hockey, Golf, Tennis, and Other Sports:

ITB - International Tennis Board
IGT - International Golf Tour
The Belson Foods Utanian Open
VIF - The Vexillian Ice Hockey Federation
WIHF - Westrian Ice Hockey Federation
National Sports Committee of Feniz
Nuropian Hockey League (NHL) - 300 Season Table
Nuropian Hockey League (NHL) Teams Logos
Westrian Hockey League (WHL) - 299 Season
Royal Zartanian Football League (ALR)
The I Eastern Delgamian Sailing Championships

Economic and Media Pages:


JaggedBlue.com (Utania)
Vexilli.Net - Your Lightning ISP (Feniz)
Zeitgeist Magazine (Utania)
Zeitgeist Interview with Burovian Realm Spokesperson Firlefanthz: "The Complete Burovian Philosophy"
Fenizabad Chamber of Commerce (Economic Enterprises in Feniz)
Vexillium Bank
Utanian Press Agency
Luka Stock Exchange (Utania)
Repository of Vexillian Advertisements
TDCorp - Trade and Development Corporation
Lendosan Broadcasting Corporation (LBC)
Jo' Cola of Brolecia
OrdCar Virtual Retailer
HARRIZ Mail Order of Feniz Online Shop
Belson Corporation of Utania
VEXA Credit Card and Finance System
Christiana Business Guide


Klagstein Industries - Aerospace Division (Commercial Air Liners)
Lendosa Aviation (Commercial Air Liners)
Paxton Tire & Rubber Co. (Dirigibles Division)
Aij Utani (Utanian Airlines)
BrolAir - Brolecian Air Lines
Airlines in Feniz / Fenizabad Intl. Timetables
Ulnovabad Intl. Timetables
Ord Air - Ordlandic Airlines, Official Airline of CD'98
VinnAir (Vinnish Airlines)
United Nations of Vexillium Aviation Convention (Draft)


Occidental Express (Aethelnian Highspeed Luxury Train)
Occidental Express (Feniz branch - timetables, webcam)
Eras Highspeed Raillink (under development)

International Treaties, Laws, and Regional Pages:

Lendosan Intelligence Report on the former Cooperative Commonwealth of the Union of Northern Gronk
The Valarium Pact
The Kisqua Center for International Laws (Allacoa)
The Glaciaria Convention
Weapons Limitation Treaty
The San Patricio-UPRMI Treaty of Amity
The Westriyaa Treaty
The South Angliyaa Treaty
The "Karl-Heinz Von und Zu Otto-Swap"
The Oost-Otago Land Purchase
Westrian Dependency of Ras Lanarch (incl. Treaty)
The "Anschluß Treaty" between Westria and Deucoland
Treaty of Amity, Friendship, & Commerce between Westria and Eastern Zartania
Railway Treaty of 298 between Eastern Zartania and Niokolo Koba
Non-Aggression Pact of 298 between Eastern Zartania and Whitlam
The Brolecian-UPRMI Memorandum of Understanding (canceled)
D-E-F Treaty (Non-Aggression & Good Neighbourhood around Feniz)


Young-Briana State Wedding
Newton 300 Celebrations Home Page
The VexNobels 299 in Aroyoakes
The Official Vexnobel Prize Page (VexNobels 298)
VEXPO '99 - Vexillium Exposition held in Lamb's Cove
VEXPO '98 - Vexillium Exposition held in Christiana
1st Annual International Communist Symposium and Trade Show (Kellyport, UPRMI)
Mounist Vexillium Conference 301

Scientific Pages:

Flags & Heraldry:

FOTV - Flags of the Vexillium
Diplomatic Seals of Vexillium
Westrian Academy of Maps and Flags (WAMF) Student Projects (Alternative National Flags)
Fenizic Vexillogical Society
The Royal Navy Flagbook (Feniz)
Air Force Roundels of Vexillium
Vexillium National Anthems


Lonely Vexillium Guide Books
The VexGlobe - 3D Arts & Crafts Project
Comparitive map representing Vexillium and "Earth" on one globe
VexGIS - Basic datas on Vexilliums entities
Westrian Academy of Maps and Flags (WAMF) Making of the Fiarrian Topo Map
Geographic Institute of Northern Gronk / GING Museum
Geographic Society of Vexillium

Mixed & Others:

The Alvare Institute - A Division of the Lendosan Institutes of Science and Research
Free Confederate Community Space Agency
University of Luka - Department of Languages (Utania)
Institute of Linguistics of the Republica Ensolelhada
Department of Languages; University of Luka - Utani Language translator
Vexilliums Nations and territories ISO codes
International Telephone Codes
Armatirion Space Agency (ASA) Planetary Images

Personal and Other Pages:

The Utanian Military
Photo Album of the Westrian Realm
The Players of ImagiNations (old version)
ImagiNations XXXVII - Maxillium
Patriotic Poems about Feniz and Vexillium

Participation in Vexillium is by approval through member vote only.

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